Monday, August 22, 2011

MeSoap is on LovingEco! Every Soap purchased = Soap Donated

MeSoap in Oatmeal Cookie
Have you heard of MeSoap? If not, MeSoap is this fabulous company that creates certified organic soaps that are absolutely delicious! In addition to the soaps being completely natural, they are on a mission to promote more hygienic practices in developing nations by donating one bar of soap for every bar of soap that is purchased. Their business model is similar to that of Tom's Shoes. Love that company! You may be asking how soap can help some of these struggling communities, but the fact is most of the individuals in these communities don't have the means to practice good hygiene and as a result a great deal of disease is spread through something so simple as being unable to wash their hands.

I did some international and domestic relief/volunteer work when I was younger before having kids and it's amazing to see how some of the crazy little things we take for granted make huge differences in the lives of those without. People die in developing communities from things like diarrhea and other communicable diseases. Something like soap could literally save lives. This may seem a bit preachy and ridiculous, but it's something I feel strongly about and it's true.

*Stepping off my soap box now*

Anyway, MeSoap is a company I've recently become acquainted with and so far everything I've seen I've loved. Even if you don't really feel as though soap being donated to developing communities will make that big a deal, MeSoap is super fabulous and super natural--a great buy regardless of your motivation.

Right now all of MeSoap's yummy soap bar scents are available on LovingEco. I've purchased from them before and every experience has been nothing but positive. For $4.25 per bar you can get an organic bar of soap and know that someone somewhere else will be receiving one as well because of your purchase. The promo code I mentioned earlier this month for LovingEco has expired and I'm not aware of any new ones, but the sales are so good it's worth a peak!

LovingEco is a members-only eco-friendly sample sale site, so you'll need to sign up through the site in order to be able to purchase. You can CLICK HERE to sign up (affiliate link).

You can visit MeSoap's site directly at

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