Monday, August 1, 2011

Heard of Peacekeeper Cause-metics? No? Now You Have!

*Update: I just received notification from LovingEco that the first 10 to purchase Peacekeeper's newest gloss receive a free gloss and I'm one of them! So excited! Don't be surprised if one of these make it into a giveaway soon ;) Love that company, they're the most personable sample sale site I've come across yet!*

Note: Peacekeepers is currently on sale on LovingEco (affiliate link) for the next 6 days! More info below.

I have been aware of Peacekeeper Cause-metics for several years now. They are an amazing company that not only offers super natural, fabulous cosmetics, but they bring awareness to womens' issues and donate to organizations that fight human rights issues for women living in servitude and poverty. To me that is amazing! The combination of beauty, natural ingredients, and womens' rights are a perfect trifecta ;)

I have tried several of their products including:
  • nail polish
  • lipstick
  • nail polish remover
I have to say I've loved them all. Here's a quick review on each:

Peacekeeper nail polish is the most health-conscious nail polish I have found to date. The colors are fabulous and application is just as good as other 3-free nail polishes I've used from other companies. According to the website:
The Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Safety Database ( has independently rated our Eco-Smooth Nail Paints on a scale of 0.0 (for nontoxics like water) and 10 (for products with the highest toxicity). Our polishes are ranked a 3 and are the highest rated paint based non-FD&C nail polish!

Peacekeeper nail polish remover is obviously acetone-free, but it's also very natural. It has a natural smell to it and it removes nail polish reasonably well. It may take a bit longer to remove it, but it does work. Given its natural ingredients I'm totally willing to work a little harder to remove my polish to avoid nasty chemicals! The only thing I did find it did not remove well was glitter nail polish. For some reason it just can't get all of the glitter off, but I've found that can be a problem with traditional nail polish remover as well.

Peacekeeper Lip Paint is the company's version of lipstick. From my experience it's been wonderfully pigmented and super creamy. The ingredients are amazingly natural, too. Here's what their site has to say:
PeaceKeeper’s Eco-Moist Lip Paints were nominated as finalists for  “Best Lip Product of the Year” by Cosmetics Executive Woman (CEW). Rated only a 2 (low hazard) out of 10 (hazardous) by the Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep" rating system.

I have to say, I love this company for so many reasons. They offer wonderful cosmetic alternatives that aren't just natural, but meaningful in the sense that they allow makeup lovers like you and I to support such important causes.

If you're interested in trying out the brand, you can take advantage of the Peacekeeper Cause-metics sale going on right now on LovingEco. They even have 4 new lip products that are currently exclusive to LovingEco! Loving Eco is an amazing sample sale type site that focuses on natural, eco-friendly, and conscientious products. So exciting! I've only been shopping through their site for a few months, but they've had some brands I already love and a number that are very popular. It's fun because they'll often post images of articles or magazines that have featured the product(s) being used by celebrities or gushed about by popular publications. Everything is so trendy and chic! It's also a great way to learn about some of the fabulous eco-friendly fashion and beauty companies out there. And best of all, these products are good for you and the earth.

I'd also like to take a moment to say that Loving Eco, from my experience, has amazing customer service. I had an issue with a promo code I received and it was promptly taken care of in a manner that exceeded my expectations! That says a lot. As I shop with them more I'll be sure to update you.

You need to become a member in order to be able to purchase through their site, so I've provided a direct link HERE (affiliate link). Even if you don't buy today, I bet you'll find something soon that catches your eye!

Have you tried Peacekeeper Cause-metics or shopped on LovingEco before? What did you think?

You can view Peacekeeper Causemetics' site HERE

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