Monday, August 22, 2011

Fyrinnae will be back soon!

Update (9/5/11): I visited the site today and the following message was posted - ***Fyrinnae is closed August through September *** Does this mean they will be closed all of September? I hope not!

Update (8/22/11): The order I placed on the 17th shipped today! I just received email confirmation. That's super fast compared to my past orders, so keep checking the site!

For those of you curious as to when/if Fyrinnae's site will go back up and they'll start taking more orders, I just read on twitter from a reliable source that the site will be back in days not months! Yay!

Why am I sharing this? Since posting my Fyrinnae look I've caught wind that there's quite a buzz regarding the fact that the site is down. If you're unfamiliar with Fyrinnae you probably aren't aware that this is a regular pattern. The site goes up, we flock to it like moths to a flame and bombard them with orders, the site closes, orders are filled, and the site comes back.

Is it the most convenient? No. But we're making lovers, half of our purchases aren't "logical" ;) Trust me, Fyrinnae is worth the wait in shipping and worth waiting for that window when the site is up and they're accepting orders. I cannot say enough about their amazing shadows.

They may not be a mineral makeup company, but they are definitely an exception to my preference for natural makeup. I've never seen shadows like some of theirs. ugh so gorgeous!

If you're curious as to what the wonders of Fyrinnae shadows look like, take a peak at this EOTD I did recently with Fyrinnae shadows HERE.


  1. I've been considering ordering some Fyrinnae for a couple years now. I really need to just do it this time!

  2. Do it! Oh my gosh amazing, definitely takes a little extra care when applying, but so worth it! If you're looking for less crazy colors there are some really interesting, yet subtle shades.


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