Saturday, August 6, 2011

EOTD: Fire & Ice

One of my favorite poems is Fire and Ice by Robert Frost, so I decided to use it as my inspiration for the look I did tonight for fun. I wanted to try out some shadows I've had for a while, but never touched. It's definitely dramatic. I'm starting to think about fun looks I could do when we take the boys trick or treating this year since I'm not into dressing up, even for them ;)

Here it is:
EOTD: Fire & Ice
 I think it's pretty self-explanatory. The upper lid is the "fire" and the drop shadow/lower lashes are the ice/icicles. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite pick up all of the duo used for the drop shadow. It's actually a white and ice blue duo that is AMAZING! The depth of the red doesn't quite show true either. You get the idea though.

Here's what I used:
  • B.Koi Sure Thing eyeshadow adhesion serum
  • Shiro Pikachu shadow (inner corner and upper lid below crease)
  • Fyrinnae Electro-Koi shadow (blended into crease)
  • B.Koi Spicy Tuna shadow (outer v)
  • Fyrinnae Winter Again shadow (drop shadow and lightly patted onto lower lashes)
  • Too Faced Lava Matte eyeliner (lower waterline)
  • Red Cherry falsies #13
I think this look turned out pretty well. I wish I could have captured all of the shimmer in all of these shadows (they're pretty darn shimmery), but you get the basic idea! I think I'm going to try to occasionally do literature-inspired looks. I love, love all forms of literature--novels, short stories, poems, etc. I find it all very inspiring makeup-wise, too!

What do you think?


  1. I love it!!! Do you like the too faced lave matte eyeliner?

  2. Thank you! I loooooove the lava matte liner! The matte is the chubby one as you probably know, so it is definitely a little tricky at times to use without constantly sharpening, but it is something I use daily! I've actually been meaning to do a review on it and keep forgetting ;) I will try to post a review ASAP because it has a few different uses besides lining, which is fabulous to me!


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