Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EOTD: Dainty Orchid

Wow, I'm posting an EOTD before midnight, how novel ;) I'm wearing this today and I think it's such a sweet, demure look so I thought you lovely makeup lovers might like to see it. I don't wear super light looks on a regular basis, but 2 EOTDs in 1 month? Weird!

Here it is:

The reason I named it Dainty Orchid is because it actually reminds me of an orchid color-wise. Despite the fact that my inner eye color looks like a very faint pink, it's actually Pink Opal pigment by Mac, so even though I couldn't quite capture it in my pics it's a very frosty white with pink duo. I just realized this looks a lot like the natural eye look I did recently, but in person it has a much deeper purple hue in the outer corner and the inner corner has the pink duo, so take my word for it, this was different even though they're so similar ;)

This is what I used:
  • B.Koi "Sure Thing" eyeshadow adhesion serum
  • MAC Pink Opal pigment (3/4 of upper lid from inner corner and dropshadow)
  • Fresh Mission Fig eyeshadow (outer corner)
  • MAC Trax eyeshadow (outer v)
  • Too Faced Matte Lava eyeliner (lower lashline, tight-lined upper/outer waterline, and some smudging in outer v)
  • Benefit They're Real mascara (last and final attempt to make it work)
So there you have it!

On a random side note, I watched the movie Wartime in Winter and it was AMAZING. See it! Also, I'm reading Pirate Latitudes, which was written by my late, beloved Michael Crichton (still so incredibly sad he died) and I was curious if any of you have read it yet? What do you think in comparison to his other novels? I've been reading his novels since early adolescence (too many years to count) and it's interesting to me that this posthumous novel was found already completed in his files. Thoughts?

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