Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinair Diaries: My airbrush journey post 1

Opening the Box

I know this is a bit delayed, but between work and my son starting school things have been nuts for the last month! Anyway, I'm finally sitting down to start writing about my experience learning how to use my Dinair. In case you didn't read the post about a month when I talked about ordering it, you can see it HERE. I'm going to be completely honest about my experience so that anyone wondering whether or not they should invest in one can at least see my personal experience. I have no affiliation with Dinair at all and since it is a decent investment to purchase an airbrush system (even the one made for personal use) I think it's only fair that anyone considering one gets the full picture :)

I received my Dinair about a month ago. The second I saw the box I couldn't help myself, I tore right in! I have wanted an airbrush system for years, but between work, kids, life, and lack of justification I never made the purchase. Hubs knew I'd been wanting one for a while and I worked a lot the past few months so he finally just told me to get one haha.

When I first opened the box there was some really cute pink bubble wrap and then this insert, which had some information on the back. The tissue paper was a nice touch, too. I love companies that go the extra mile to really brand every little detail, I feel as though that really makes the overall experience that much more memorable.

I could be nuts, but I swear it even smelled nice when I opened my Dinair box haha. Might just be that I caught a hint of a perfume I'd tried at my desk though, who knows? Or maybe I'm just nuts!

First peak inside the Dinair box!
When I peeled back the tissue paper this is what I saw! Even though I'd read about this particular Dinair model and I've seen it in a million YouTube videos, I was still surprised by how compact it was. It is SMALL! You can also see the airbrush and Dinair foundations/makeup. The hose, cleaner, and other items were below this layer of goodies.

Dinair Medium Foundations
I have an olive complexion that varies from light golden yellow to tan, depending on the time of year. I chose the medium foundation set because after reading all of the descriptions and some reviews I figured this would fit me the most and give me some range. More on matching my foundation color below and in posts to follow...

My Dinair!
There it is--my Dinair! Again, it's smaller than I thought it would be and I really should take a comparison photo next to some other beauty item so you can see what I mean. Maybe next post!

First Experience

I was excited and actually a bit nervous to try my Dinair. I actually did what I was supposed to and watched the DVD first! It's actually helpful, though I found I had to pause it a few times while setting up the hose, airbrush, etc. Also, I actually found the "maintenance" section very helpful because I had to do a little maintenance on mine. Tips on troubleshooting your airbrush when things don't seem to be working quite as they should will definitely prove helpful. The Dinair airbrush system is a continuous airflow system, which means air constantly flows through the airbrush, but makeup does not unless you pull back the toggle switch. The toggle switch determines how much makeup is released into the airflow and the setting on the compressor determine how forceful the airflow is.

After watching the DVD I did use the practice sheets they give you to help you work on figuring out how far to the hold the airbrush away from your face (or paper) and how far back to pull the little toggle switch. It definitely takes a little practice, but after a few minutes I felt fairly confident that I might be able to use it on my face without too many overly-saturated spots.

Using on my face was definitely different from using it on the practice sheets. I found myself tipping the airbrush clockwise instead of holding it straight up and down. I had to consciously correct myself, but by the end I had gotten better about it.

The Biggest Challenges

I found that there were 2 primary things that challenged me the most:
  • Matching my foundation color! I understand that everyone has their own unique complexion, but I'm one of those people that has always had a difficult time finding a perfect foundation match. I think that it'll take me some time to mix my perfect foundation color match, but I think by the end of almost an hour of trying different combinations I got pretty darn close! I'm an anal perfectionist by the way ;)
  • Clogging! I actually seemed to have some difficulty with my airbrush clogging. I washed it out completely several times and did some of the troubleshooting techniques the DVD suggests. I still found that after using it for a bit that it did clog up a bit again. It may be that I just took longer than I should have and so the foundation started to clump as a result (just a theory), but I'm not sure. If this continues to happen the next time I use it I'm going to give Dinair a call and see if they can shed some light on the issue. Hopefully it was just because it was my first time. We'll see!
No pictures yet. Once I get it down maybe I'll post some before and afters! I'll post after my next trial session. Things are so insanely busy right now with work, but I'm really hoping to carve out some time again in the next few days. We'll see how successful I am!

On a side note, I'm thinking I may buy the light foundation set sometime soon as well so that I can mix in a little bit of the lighter foundation colors during the winter with my medium ones. Also, I'm going to use it on my mom and sister once I've perfected using it on myself so I can practice applying it to other people. They have lighter skin tones than I do. 


  1. did it LOOK?! You neglected to mention. LOL

  2. I'm going to have to wait until I have the application and foundation color match down a bit more. I couldn't even begin to judge how it would actually look otherwise!

    Dinair foundation is water-based so it is a bit drying if you don't have super oily skin, but that's no secret. Moist & Dewy does make a difference in making your skin look more "alive" and not so flat, matte. Other than that, I can't say much else ;)

    I'm going to order a new primer because I've heard that makes a big difference. I'll continue to update as I continue to explore!


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