Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Storage Cleanup" Blog Sale!

This blog sale is perfect for anyone that needs tiny storage containers for shadows (those sample baggies can be such a pain), melted down lip products, etc.! These containers are currently being stored in a 100% smoke-free home.

I am really in need of some storage space, so I decided to clean out a few things and thought perhaps a blog sale was in order! Everything below has been purchased by me within the last few months. Nothing has been used, but you definitely need to sanitize any of the containers before using them. I suggest boiling the plastic containers and using alcohol on the tins (they will rust if exposed to water).

Here's how this will work: If you're interested in anything comment below with what you want to purchase and your email address. If you don't want to post your email address below, you can email me directly at [email protected] I'll send you an invoice for the items you requested. All payments will be handled through Paypal so that it's secure for both parties. Once an item has sold I will indicate that here so there's no confusion. Everything is on a first come, first serve basis. If an invoice is not paid within 24 hours I will assume you're no longer interested and those items will become available again for others. I hope you understand!

Shipping: Everything will be shipped USPS First Class for the flat rate of $2.50.

So here we go...

Small Cosmetic Containers - All of these can be used for pouring, however, you have to watch your temperatures with the product being poured and you have to be comfortable storing cosmetics in plastic (some people prefer glass or tins).

1. Item: Stackable plastic screw-top jars (these are stackable, but each jar will come with its own lid)
Size: 4 ml or .13 oz
Quantity Available: 105 top/bottom sets
Price: $5 for 15 (only sold in multiples of 15)

2. Item: Screw-top Round Tin
Size: .5 oz
Quantity Available: 45
Price: $5 for 15 (sold in multiples of 15)

3. Item: Slide Tin
Size: .5 oz
Quantity Available: 10
Price: $5 for 10

Happy shopping and please feel free to spread the word!

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