Friday, August 26, 2011

$10 Credit Just for Joining and Hurricane Irene

Just wanted to let you all know that (they were the site I purchased my Mollycoddle soaps from) is offering $10 credit to anyone that signs up through my link for the next 24 hours or so!

I LOVE this site. It's not your typical sample sale site, it has a mix of quirky and innovative things across the board. Every time I go on this site I find little things that are almost too cute or funny to pass up. Then again, I get bored easily and try to find little things to keep life less ordinary ;)

Anyway, you won't get the $10 credit unless you join through my link or another affiliate link. I shared this with a friend and she said she got the credit INSTANTLY, so you can use it now or wait until something strikes your fancy later on.

You can sign up through my link HERE (affiliate link).

If you buy something through them let me know! I love seeing the cool and crazy things people purchase off of

On a side note, I have some fun posts coming up include a review on His Black Box! At this point we're just trying to get ready for Hurricane Irene that's decided it needs to travel all of the way up the East Coast :( They even canceled my oldest's first day of school on Monday because of the damage they're expecting in the aftermath. Keep the East Coast in your thoughts/prayers and hopefully we'll make it out with minimal damage and no lost lives.

Ugh, I really hate losing power, especially with two little guys. We tend to get snowstorms and ice storms that knock out power more than hurricanes, but I've seen a few crazy ones in my lifetime. They're saying this one is going to be something extra special :(

Anyway, if you're on the East Coast or know someone who is keep me updated on how you and/or your family/friends are! Hopefully I'll be posting some new posts this weekend. Stay well and stay safe!

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