Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fresh, quick makeup look when short on time!

I recently posted this same topic on one of my favorite beauty forums ( and thought it'd make a great blog post as well for those of you who aren't on beautylish yet.

While we makeup junkies tend to structure our time so that we can apply our makeup the way we like to best, there eventually comes a day when we're tight on time, but unwilling to sacrifice looking fabulous. What's a time-limited makeup junkie to do?

With two small boys, I have found myself on more than one occasion taking far too long to get out the door. I realized that between work, kids, and life I simply no longer had the luxury every day of taking my time putting my makeup on. So, I came up with this little routine to get out the door quickly without looking like a bland, uncivilized woman!

Step 1: Check skin for a nice even tone. If my skin is blemish free, which it usually is, I'll put on a nice facial moisturizer that's super light-weight and has some sun protection. Now, many people I know wear foundation, concealer, etc. on a daily basis. I honestly don't. I have a pretty even olive skin tone and my skin is somewhat sensitive on my face, so I've found that no matter what I wear, if I wear it regularly it really bothers my skin. Obviously I love a good foundation and I love the perfect finish it supplies (especially in macro photos), but this is a short-on-time routine for the every day happenings. If you have trouble skin, use what you feel is best when it comes to whether or not to use foundation, primer, or concealer of some sort.

Step 2: Line upper lid with a super black shadow or gel liner. Again, this is my routine. You may prefer pencil or a different shade depending on your coloring. I personally prefer anything that applies smoothly with a brush. I VERY rarely use pencils. Depending on my mood I may or may not include a little wing on the outer corner.

Step 3: Line lower waterline with a super vivid and unexpected color like metallic blue, sea green, etc. I find that this contrast really makes my eyes pop. The reason I don't line my upper lid this way is because I need the black to define my eye above and the color below to highlight and make them pop. I have almond-shaped eyes so I find that I have to have some black liner at all times to avoid "losing" my eyes.

Step 4: Curl upper eyelashes. I recently came across a discussion in a beauty forum debating whether or not it was worth curling your eyelashes every day. I think my jaw must have hit the floor because I've never considered not curling them! I have short lashes that are fairly thin and I go to great lengths to achieve what I feel are normal, gracefully curled lashes.

Step 5: Use a lengthening, dramatic black mascara. Again, I am super eyelash-challenged so I work hard to continually look for the most effective, dramatic mascara on the planet. I'm a fan of a few mascaras (which I'll discuss in a later post, some drugstore and some not), but so far I haven't found THE ONE--though I recently received a tip for a new one I'm planning to try.

Step 6: Add a touch of blush. I go between powder blush and cream blushes. I'm not sure why I like cream blushes so much, but if you find the right one (my favorite is made by Fresh) it's light-weight and highly pigmented. Love it!

And that's it! I don't have super unruly brows so I don't tend to fuss with them on days I'm strapped for time. Whether or not this routine would help you once in a while depends on your preferences regarding your makeup, style, etc. I know some people would rather go out with just mascara as long as they're able to perfectly smooth out their complexions. Do what makes the most senses for you and your face!

If you're in the mood for a more complicated eye, make sure to check out B.Koi's LookBook page--full of different eye looks from dramatic to semi-natural. Click here!

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