Friday, March 25, 2011

Eye Makeup Removal Without the Chemicals!

I have been wearing makeup daily since 14 and I've always had a serious love for fabulously vibrant shadows and waterproof mascara that helps my pitiful lashes become noticeable. The problem is, removing waterproof cosmetics and vibrant eyeshadows can be tough. I hate using makeup wipes because I have such sensitive skin it feels like it's pulling on my skin more than I want for daily use. Cold creams always leave a film on my skin that I really don't appreciate. Liquid makeup removers often have chemicals in them that I don't like or they don't completely take off all of my makeup. Basically, nothing has worked well enough for me to want to use it every day.

What's left?

I have always been a fan of natural oils. I use many different ones on my skin and especially my face. I realized a few years ago that several different oils I keep regularly not only work at moisturizing my skin, but they actually melt the makeup right off! I have tried both jojoba oil for makeup removal and avocado oil (two of my absolute favorites) and both work wonderfully.

This is the routine I follow to remove my eye makeup using an all natural oil:

1. I put some oil on my ring finger (since it applies the least amount of pressure to your delicate eye area) and gentle apply in a circular motion all over the eye and eyelashes until it's basically a swirly mess.
2. I give it a second to let it melt into the makeup.
3. I gently wipe it away with a circular cotton pad or wet microfiber wash cloth.

The makeup literally wipes right off without scrubbing! The reason I do one eye at a time is mostly habit because I like to see what I'm doing. Sometimes the oil gets into my eye a little bit, but I've never found these oils to cause irritation and with a few dabs to my inner eye it's quickly gone. I don't know if Vitamin E would work, but you could always give it a try as well. The nice thing is that not only does it remove my makeup, but the oils are fabulous moisturizers for tired eye skin.

I've been working on formulating an oil-based eye makeup remover that doesn't have any nasty chemicals or fragrances in it because I think so many other makeup junkies out there could benefit from it.

What do you think? Are you happy with your current makeup remover or would you be interested in finding something natural that also heavily moisturizes your eye area?

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