Tuesday, March 29, 2011

B.Koi Cosmetic's Spring collection Sushi Boat - the inside scoop!

B.Koi's Spring collection Sushi Boat just went up on the site (after overcoming great technical difficulties) this week. It is a vibrant collection of semi-matte and duochrome shimmers ranging from white to reddish brown. Every color is highly pigmented and full of depth, yet "plays well with others". I wanted to talk a little bit about this collection because it is the first large collection I've put out and I'm extremely pleased with it.

The concept for Sushi Boat came to mind last Fall. I am a planner and I like to follow makeup and fashion trends, which are thankfully always predicated and determined way in advance. I wanted something vibrant and fun yet unique from flat pastels. I also wanted versatility. I wanted the collection to be full of colors that could be used again and again after Spring ended. I began thinking of things in my own life that were full of color naturally. Somehow, sushi boats quickly came to mind. Sushi boats, if you've ever ordered one or been near another table that did, are chocked full of a wide variety of sushi. Being half-Japanese, I've had my fair share of sushi, sashimi, rice balls, etc. The pure colors of the rice, nori, fish, vegetables, etc. began to really appeal to me. Sushi is light and clean, yet vibrantly full of color. That is what I wanted for my collection.

From there I began to figure out whether or not I wanted the collection to take on a literal translation of the theme or if I wanted it to be a bit more figurative. Was I going to only stick to things you'd actually see on a real sushi boat or use the concept as a basis for branching out--a jumping off point so to speak. I decided that sticking only to sushi boat items would be a bit too limiting when I thought of the other things I'd like to include. I think I found a happy medium by using some items you'd certainly see on a sushi boat and adding other items you'd certainly relate to popular Japanese cuisine. I loved the idea of adding several dessert/sweet things such as bubble tea, mochi, and red bean (all personal favorites). Adding these other items also allowed me to incorporate some really amazing colors into the line as well.

I was extremely careful in the finishes I chose for each color. For example, mochi, an extremely vivid light purple, has a somewhat soft, powdery finish--without being dusty looking. Spicy Tuna is a semi-matte red shadow that has ample flecks of orange and gold that literally give off the appearance of spicy heat. Nori, a black-based shadow, is so full of green and gold shimmer that I feel it is a really accurate representation of the real thing. Then you have a color like Cucumber Maki which is a light, fresh green hue shimmering with a lilac/light blue sheen.

I feel as though this collection is extremely personal, though obviously every collection takes a great deal of thought, time, and consideration. For some reason, Sushi Boat feels like my most amazing accomplishment with B.Koi Cosmetics to date. Hopefully every collection and new addition feels this way. I think it's important that as the owner of the company I look at every shadow and say, "Oh my gosh, I love that!!!!" I want to react to my eyeshadows the same way I'd react if someone else had created them and I fell in love--not because they're mine, but because they're absolutely fabulous. The majority of eyeshadows in the Sushi Boat collection are vegan, all are dye-free, talc-free, and none were made with chromium green oxide.

Hopefully if I'm in love with them, you will be too.

You can see the complete line of Sushi Boat eyeshadows on the B.Koi website. CLICK HERE!


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