Monday, February 28, 2011

How to prevent losing your shimmer or brightness when blending your eyeshadow

I've gotten a few questions about how to keep from losing the brightness or shimmer of your eyeshadow when you blend. I love mattes and shimmers, but probably reach for shimmers a little more frequently. I also tend to use a lot of loose shadows, which are a bit more work, but often more vivid in my opinion. It's easy to blend to a dull finish, but who wants a drab eye after all that work? You've gotta keep it sexy and make those eyes pop!

Anyway, here are my tips to maintaining the shimmer and brightness when blending your eyeshadow:

1. Use a really good primer or eyeshadow adhesive (I use my own company's eyeshadow adhesive primer called Sure Thing) so that the eyeshadow is really on there good. The Glamour Smoke look featured on the LookBook page of the B.Koi website (click here) was done with loose shadows from B.Koi (Do Not Disturb, Truce and one that has not yet been released, but will come out SOON!). Pressed shadows can be much easier to blend, but loose shadows can be more pigmented so it depends on what you like and are comfortable with!

2. Pat shadows on (especially shimmery or glittery ones), don't swipe them. Swiping them across your lids will likely result in less shimmer or color to start.

3. Don't over-blend. I definitely like to blend, and with an eyeshadow primer or adhesive the shadow should stick a little bit better, but if you over-blend it'll work away at the shadows and make them dull or make them look patchy. I think the best way to keep from doing this is to apply the color you're using for shading with a moderately light hand so that you can easily meld the two together rather than blending, blending, blending to avoid harsh lines. You can always pat on another layer if you want the shaded area to be a bit darker. If you don't have a thick layer to blend where the two meet and overlap, it's going to be much smoother and less work.

4.Use really high-quality brushes! I think that natural hair brushes work best personally (I'm a MAC fan, but I know other people love other companies as well), but I have some taklons that I like, too. Good quality brushes make applying and blending so much easier--no doubt about it!

5. Apply a very light dusting of the shimmery/bright shade over the main area you originally applied it when you're done blending if you feel you lost any of the original sparkle or highlight. If you put a light dusting on it'll ensure you have a nice bright finished look where you want it!

6. I really think the quality of the eyeshadow makes a big difference, too. When it comes to loose shadows, the first things to come off in the fallout are glitter and then shimmer. If you have a well-blended shadow that has binding properties in it, it'll still have fall-out but there's a little bit less issue with it adhering to your eye and itself.

If you have any other eyeshadow questions feel free to email them to [email protected] and I'll definitely try to answer them!

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