2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Out of the Box Ideas

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Our final edition of this year's holiday gift guide focuses on "out of the box" ideas, which is ironic given the fact all the products we're highlighting come IN boxes. If you want to get someone an original gift or you're at a loss for what to buy someone and simply want to give them something to talk about, these are some ideas we've come up with!

Note: If you're uncomfortable with the topic of sex you may want to skip this guide.

1. Japan Crate Doki Doki Crate

Japan Crate is a relatively new-to-us company that we recently tested out for both its Premium Crate (yay, delicious Japanese goodies!) and the brand new Doki Doki crate (pictured above). The Doki Doki crate is filled with adorable kawaii goodies each month ranging from plushies to figurines and everything between. If you like Japanese characters and general adorableness we think you'll fall hard for this crate just like we did! While the crate is technically a subscription, you can subscribe 1 month at a time and cancel if you choose not to continue. Yes, it's on the slightly higher end of the spectrum price-wise in terms of monthly subscriptions, but it comes with a truly hefty amount of products that would cost far more than $30 IF you could even get your hands on all of it in the US in the first place.

Check out the original candy boxes, too! We tried out the Premium box and despite the fact I'm hapa and grew up with a lot of Japanese goodies (I still frequent the asian market for my own family) and the hubs grew up in Asia, most of the products we received were products or variations of products we'd never tried before.

Price - $30/monthly with free shipping (the site states 2-day shipping, but ours took a bit longer though it wasn't super slow by any means)
Where to Subscribe -

2. This is L.

Yes, your eyes are working correctly. We've included condoms in our gift guide this year! While we generally don't discuss sex much, not for lack of comfort with the subject but rather the fact it doesn't organically come up in conversation alongside beauty often, when we were approached about this company we quickly fell in love with their mission. Yes, L. sells high-quality condoms to what they describe as the modern consumer. From what we've seen, they are well-received, which is always great! However, what really caught our attention was the fact that this company is on a mission to promote safe sex (especially for women) in the US as well as in developing countries as well as sexual empowerment. In fact, for every condom purchased, they donate one to a developing country!

The hubs and I have both spent time in different places over the years and we've seen the struggle some countries have when it comes to women's rights (yes, far worse than our own), sexual health, etc. While you and I can run to the pharmacy or Amazon Prime condoms directly to our doors, not everyone is so lucky. Not everyone even has the choice or education to be able to pursue safe sexual behavior. We highly recommend reading more about L.'s initiatives on their site. Yes, sex can be fun, but it can also be damaging or even deadly if proper sexual health isn't practiced. If you or someone you know (it's not the 50s anymore, it's okay to discuss sex) are in the market to try a new condom brand, consider these. For every purchase you make you'll be assisting L. in their efforts to empower women and promote safe sex.

*Note: We recommend that anyone purchasing from L. be over the age of 18 or have permission from their parents to purchase. We do not promote underage sex.

Price - varies
Where to Buy -

3. Love With Food Subscription

Love with food is a monthly food subscription service that offers one of the more accommodating food subscriptions we've seen to date given that the fact that they offer a 100% gluten-free option. The foods in the traditional boxes are natural and organic, so that's something to consider if you're not looking for gluten-free in particular. Additionally, for every box (subscription) purchased, Love With Food donates a meal to a hungry child as well!

While it's a little bit of a bummer that the gluten-free subscription costs more than the regular deluxe box and you get fewer items, it's no surprise given the fact gluten-free foods are often more expensive to begin with. I have a wheat allergy and find I miss out on a lot of the food subscription services because of it. Thankfully, I found Love With Food sent some great options in our box and we liked the majority of them! I have a few fellow gluten-free friends and I know this is the type of thing they'd really enjoy getting as a gift.

Price - $19.99/month (gluten-free subscription), $16.50/month (deluxe subscription), $7.99/month (tasting box)
Where to Buy -

What do you think of our "out of the box" last-minute gift ideas?

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Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are our own.


  1. I actually know several people these would be awesome for!

  2. I want someone to buy me the Love With Food sub! Yummy :)

    1. Right? I love delicious surprises in the mail!

  3. That Japan Crate Doki Doki Crate is adorable and not one I've heard of. Off to sign up for another subscription box!

  4. Japan crate looks cute!

    1. The Doki Doki crate is super cute so far!

  5. I love food sub's, I need to try this one out too!

    1. I do, too! It's so neat to try new things without having to search them out yourself lol


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