2015 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

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holiday gift guide 2015 for him

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Every year we feature a masculine gift guide (though obviously anyone can enjoy any of the following items) and this year we've got some great picks!

holiday gift guide 2015 for him

1. Jord Wood Watches (Delmar dark sandalwood & blue)

men's wood jord watch holiday gift guide for him


The hubs has the Delmar and he absolutely loves it! He's had it for about a year and despite the fact it's wood, it's worn well with no visible dings or scratches on the crystal or band. The hubs likes his funky watches and ironically this is one of the ones he gets the most compliments on.

You can view our original post on it prior to purchasing.

Price - $149
Where to Buy -

2. Scentbird Gift Set for Men (Trendsetter or Gentleman)

scentbird gift guide for him holiday 2015


We are huge Scentbird fans (for him and her) and for the holidays they've released some special gift sets that have an amazing price tag and feature 3 fabulous scents along with 1 free month of Scentbird's subscription. Each scent comes in a vial large enough it should lastly roughly 1 month each, so you get 3 month's worth of cologne for only $59.95 ($85 value). These little atomizers are some of the coolest things we've seen this year. The hubs keeps his in the center console of his car car, at work and recently traveled with one. They are convenient as heck for the guy that loves to smell his best in our opinions! Also, check out the women's sets as well (hint: they may be coming up in another gift guide soon).

Read our overview on Scentbird.

Price - $59.95 ($85 retail)
Where to Buy -

3. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

stumptown third wave coffee roaster holiday gift guide 2015


If you are a coffee fan (especially if you're a third wave coffee connoisseur) then you're probably already acquainted with Stumptown. The hubs and I are big third wave coffee fans (you probably already know this if you follow either of our Instagram accounts here or here) and Stumptown is one of our favorite roasters! Their coffee is amazing and they offer some fantastic coffee tools for grinding, brewing, etc. as well. I've gifted Stumptown before and it always goes appreciated.

Little known fact - I've actually volunteered with an organization (a residence and school for children given up by their parents for one reason or another) that was funded by a self-sufficient farm in Costa Rica that grew coffee beans among other things! Amazing to see.

Price - varies
Where to Buy -

4. Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle

xbox 360 console bundle holiday 2015 gift guide sale


Yes, I know the Xbox One is the more recent console, but honestly, the hubs and I have been gaming together (LAN parties in the 90s!) since back in the day and we have a special affection for the 360. It's a great console and since a lot of the older 360 games are just beginning to become available for the One we still feel the 360 is worth owning--especially for the difference in price! While first-person shooters are our games of choice, there are so many great games for everyone in the family (we are a minecraft household like you wouldn't believe). There are a lot of great deals going on for Xbox360 and One and Xbox is actually rolling out a huge sale starting December 22nd on a ton of their games, shows, movies, etc. Definitely keep an eye out if Xbox is one someone's holiday wishlist that you're shopping for.

Price - varies
Where to Buy -,  Target/, Walmart/

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration if you're still looking for the perfect gift for your brother, dad, spouse or anyone that would enjoy any of the gifts above.

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Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are our own.


  1. Great gift guide. I am getting my husband the Xbox One - can't wait to see how much he loves it!

    1. That's so awesome! I bet he is gonna love it (and you too!).

  2. Those wood watches are so cool!!

  3. Love those watches! I think my dad needs one.


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