NEW butter LONDON Patent Shine 10x Initial Review


I was recently given the opportunity to try some of butter LONDON's new Patent Shine 10x polishes. After applying the first one (to the left), I immediately snapped a shot and shared on instagram. I was so impressed with how quickly it dried I actually did so pre-clean up because I wanted to tell/show you guys 3 things.

butter LONDON Patent Shine 10x Formula Initial Review

1. This formula dries fast! It's not fast to the point where it dries and doesn't give you enough time to apply your polishes in 3 little strips, but fast enough that by the time you've finished your hand and done the second your first is set!

2. The brush in these bottles is fantastic. I feel as tough it's a little bit wider than older bottles and it's rounded at the tip, which actually makes for a nice application. It's not as wide as my hated OPI pro brushes (they're just too wide for my nail beds), but it's wider than the skinny traditional brushes. The application above is 2 coats without any clean up (which I did after snapping the pic). Not bad, right?

3. It sets to a very hard finish. I told myself I wasn't going to baby my nails at all because one of the big claims by butter LONDON for this polish is that it's got a long-lasting finish. Those of you that have followed me for some time know that I do NOT get good wear out of polish or lipstick. It just comes right off no matter what I use or how I use it. I'm on day 2 with some really heavy finger usage and I have zero chipping enough though I've even gone so far as to peel off the safety seals on things, slammed a few fingers, typed for hours, etc.

Additional thoughts:

  • Finish on Shop Girl (shown above) is not super shiny, but not matte by any means.
  • Polish self-levels well, but dries and shows some streaking. It was more obvious with 1 coat, but still visible up close with 2.
  • This formula is 7-free, which is really great.
  • Not related to the formula, but the cap is a shiny silver that will literally show EVERY smudge, fingerprint, etc. no matter how many times you wipe it. I tried cleaning it prior to taking the pic above and as you can see ... it's covered!
Overall, I'm really impressed with this formula so far, especially for people like me who don't have a lot of time to wait or their polish to dry and who work with their hands a lot. It's nice when a mani lasts more than a day!

Have you tried this formula yet? What do you think?

Currently available at Macy's, Sephora and directly from butter LONDON.

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