Friday, December 6, 2013

BeautyPopStop's Holiday His & Hers December Gift Guide Vol 4

Some of the products in this post were provided for consideration by PR/the brand

It's that time of year again! Each year BeautyPopStop publishes a holiday gift guide geared towards men and women, featuring a variety of exciting products. The Hubs and I have put our heads together once again (don't forget to check out his men's section above for men's products) and we have some pretty amazing gift ideas to share with you this year!

Each edition features one gift idea for women (or general beauty lovers), one for men and one stocking stuffer (items $25 and under).

L'Occitane Memoirs of a Hand Creme Set of 8 Available on QVC

I don't know about you, but it is a constant battle to keep my hands hydrated during the winter. I'm a very frequent handwasher, so when you add that to the brisk, dry conditions--it's quite the daunting task. This set is fantastic! It comes with 8 tubes of L'Occitane's lovely hand cremes in a variety of different scents. Each tube is 1 oz and there are 7 different scents (the Shea Butter creme makes 2 appearances in this set). And the packaging--oh my gosh! The packaging looks like a giant book with a ribbon holding it shut. Inside, you can see the moisturizers on one side and a cute story about them on the other. This set is perfect for someone that enjoys a good luxury hand creme or you could easily break the tubes up across several gifts--something I absolutely love to do! This set was also reviewed HERE in a separate post. 

qvc l'occitane memoirs of a hand creme set holiday gift guide review
How cute is this?!


The scents included in this set are sophisticated and lovely. Not super strong, but still detectable once applied. This set includes the following:
  • Two 1-oz Shea Butter Hand Creams
  • One 1-oz Lavender Hand Cream
  • One 1-oz Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
  • One 1-oz Rose 4 Reines Hand Cream
  • One 1-oz Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
  • One 1-oz Almond Delicious Hand Cream
  • One 1-oz Fleur Cherie Hand Cream

On the Hands

For such a hydrating hand creme, these have a surprisingly light feel on the skin once applied. They absorb quickly and do not leave hands feeling greasy. 


This set retails for $56.34

Where to Buy

This set is available through QVC's site

Nooka Zub 20 Men's Watch

I swear Nooka makes their way into our gift guides each year, but it's only because we love their watches that much! I've purchased Nooka watches for the Hubs in past years and they are fantastic! I love their modern style (right up our alley) and innovative ways of displaying time. The Zub 20 style Nooka watches tend to be our favorites. I strongly suggest shopping through their site as they do a number of solid color models as well as funky collabs with different brands and pop culture themes and celebrities. 


Prices vary based on the model, ranging from around $71 to $119 for Zub 20's on average.

Where to Buy

Nooka watches can be purchased through their site

Stocking Stuffer: Faux Lash Falsies

I have been saying it for years, but Faux Lash falsies are my absolutely favorite false lashes in the entire world! They're high-quality, gorgeous and just ... amazing! I regularly wear them both in makeup looks/tutorials as well as day to day. The Colette lashes (pictured above) are my favorite and I regularly joke about wanting to be buried in them--though I'm actually quite serious! With their amazing prices and quality, I think these make a perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty lover in your life. Designs range from natural to dramatic. These are perfect for filling the stockings of both falsie addicts to newbies in my opinion! And don't forget to grab a tube of Duo lash glue (my personal favorite) while on the site.


Designs range in price and start around $10.

Where to Buy

These can be purchased through Faux Lash's site

Did any of these gift ideas catch your eye? 


  1. I'd be thrilled to get that hand creme set for Christmas <3

    1. They're so nice! And a perfect size for your desk or purse (I have a tube in both places ... as well as all over the house lol).

  2. That hand creme set looks divine! All the scents sound great!

    1. They're very nice and the scents aren't super chemically or synthetic--which is always nice!

  3. my boyfriend loves watches so i'm glad there's a watch brand i can get him to try out for xmas

    1. Nice! They've got a lot of variety, but I tend to like HUGE faces and modern styles. Definitely shop through!

  4. You know I want that L'Occitaine set!! Great picks!


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