Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sale Alert!: Illamasqua Easter Egg Hunt Day 3

Today's clue is: Make your CHEEKS BLUSH with 50% off these powdery colours.

Today there are 5 blush colors on sale for 50% off!

They are:
1. Lover - soft apricot, matte finish
2. Katie - soft candy pink, matte finish
3. Tremble - soft lilac pink, matte finish
4. Hussy - bright candy pink, matte finish
5. Nymph - warm candy pink, matte finish

As of right now, these are priced at approximately $13.10 USD each. Shipping is a flat rate of approximately $13.50. These are priced at $24.50 at Sephora so even when you take shipping into consideration this is a great deal for us in the US!

I really like the shades they've chosen and if I wasn't trying to show some restraint I would probably cave and get Lover and Nymph or Hussy!

Are you going to give Illamasqua powder blushes a try?

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