Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swatches & Review: Make Up For Ever Smoky Palette

If you're on Beautylish you may have seen my discussion on this palette and how disappointed I was that it would not be released in the US after all of these months of waiting. I have been dying to get my hands on it and ended up ordering it from Quebec--yes, I'm crazy. I love eyeshadow, what can I say?

Let's get right into it!

Make Up For Ever Smoky Palette - Eeeeh! Finally in my hands ;) As you can see it includes 8 MUFE shadows (1 gram each) and 2 mini brushes.

The Shadows

Black 04
Color description: Matte black

My opinion: It's like almost every matte black I have, slightly patchy, but workable with some extra effort. It's not as black as Fyrinnae's Snow White (which is the deepest black I've ever seen), but a reasonable black. Definitely smoky!

Plum 79
Color description: Smoky, deep plum with what looks like a shimmery plum over a black base

My opinion: This is interesting because for me the black and plum definitely create a very smoky color. It's not as purple once applied as it is in the palette (though my camera managed to capture a lot of the pluminess), but I'm not super upset because I have a lot of purples. If you want a super purple plum, this is not the one you want.

Blue 81
Color description: Smoky sapphire blue. This has a black base with a blue sapphire flash to it.

My opinion: I love, love, love this. I have a lot of blues, but this definitely fills in a tiny gap in my collection ;) My darker blues from MAC are more blue on blue, whereas this is blue on black.

Green 80
Color description: Emerald green on black base.

My opinion: This is one of my favorites in the entire palette. This has less black to it and more of the deep emerald green pigment. Love it! Ironically, this was one of the hardest ones to capture with my camera haha. It looks much more metallic dark emerald in person.

Copper 122
Color description: Copper that leans a bit orange.

My opinion: This isn't a dupe for MAC Amber Lights in my opinion, nor is it identical to Half Baked or Baked. The payoff is better than it looks in this picture, this was another I had difficulty taking a picture of.

Taupe 127
Color description: This reminds me of a tan or light color, not so much taupe. Is it just me?

My opinion: This one is a very subtle, soft neutral.

Beige 126
Color description: A flesh-toned shimmer.

My opinion: This is very subtle on my skin, it adds a slightly lighter glow than my natural skin color.

White 07
Color description: Soft, shimmery white.

My opinion: This will be nice for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes, but I wouldn't say it's so bright white that you could use it as a white on your entire lid.

It really varies based on what country you buy it in. I paid around $50 for my palette in Canada.

Where to Buy
This is tricky. It is not available in the US. I've emailed and called MUFE and this is what I was told both times by MUFE and by the boutique in NYC. I purchased mine from a Sephora in Canada. I did a post earlier on how I suggest going about getting one in Canada. You can see it HERE.  

Final Thoughts
I am glad I went through all of the trouble to get my hands on this palette. A few of the shades will take a bit of extra effort, and I think the purple is probably the least like what it looks like in the palette, but I have to say I like the palette. Is it worth going through all of the trouble to get it as opposed to purchasing the colors individually from MUFE? That's up to you. You can grab any of the individual colors for $19 at Sephora HERE. I think once I run out of some of the colors in this palette I may buy the full-sizes...we'll see!

So what do you think?

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