Friday, November 11, 2011

November Birchbox Review

I finally got my Birchbox yesterday (I moved and even though I changed my address in my Birchbox account it still sent to my old address so the post office forwarded it and added on 2 extra days of shipping time). I'm not hugely disappointed with it, but at the same time I am a bit disappointed. Why? I'll tell you after I show you what was in mine.

As you can see, the November box was focused on showcasing holiday gift suggestions.

Here you can see the list of products I received in my November box with a brief description for each.

Here's a look at the actual products.

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Sugar Pink

This is definitely something I'd be interested, but the size was so small I found it a bit ridiculous that this was included. Great product, horrible size. I would definitely not call this a deluxe sample. It was literally only an inch and a half tall or so and the amount of product in it is very small.

Sguar Pink is definitely a shade I'd normally be interested in, however. I'm a sucker for pink lip gloss. But again, .03 fl oz??? Most of my full size lip glosses are 6-10oz, so you can imagine how small this sample was in comparison.

Anastasia Pink Sugar Hydrafull Lip Gloss - Love this color! This gloss is supposed to have a smoothing effect on your lips and I'd say it definitely leaves your lips with a smooth finish immediately. I wish the sample had been bigger!

Supersmile Whitening Toothpaste - This was definitely not what I'd consider giftable. I don't normally buy toothpaste for gifts. I feel as though it's a bit of a random choice to be honest. If this was an "extra" I could see it, but not as one of the main items.

Choc Pod Firecracker Chocolate - this is definitely an interested addition, but since I'm allergic to chocolate I try to avoid it unless I'm desperately craving it. I'll give this to Hubs. Also, I hate salt with the exception of seasoning some foods, so salt on my chocolate is not appealing.

Here's the little package that came in my Birchbox this month. Here's what it held...

Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince - I swear I've gotten this before and I've definitely seen it in past boxes. I am not the type that likes perfume samples like this. Aren't these the ones often given away for free? :(

Zoya Holly Nail Polish - This was such a disappointment only because I already have this color. If I had gotten either Izzy or Noel I would have been excited about this item because those are the 2 colors from the Gems & Jewels collection I didn't purchase (I've been putting off doing my review for lack of having those 2 shades, but I'll probably post it soon without them). Ironically, I ended up with Holly. 

Final Thoughts on November's Birchbox
I have to be honest, yet again I'm kind of "eh" over my Birchbox. I feel as though the products are  incredibly small (I didn't receive a full size product and the sample sizes I received, with the exception of the Zoya mini, were very small) and not very exciting. I'd love to get some actual makeup in one of these--eye shadow, facial powder, eye liner, etc. I'm not sure tweaking my settings (which was suggested to me when I called Birchbox about my box last month) made a difference. Like I said last month, I'm giving Birchbox until the end of the year (1 more box to go unless I wait for the New Years box) to swing me in one direction or the other regarding whether or not I'm going to cancel my subscription. I love getting a little package of goodies in the mail each month, but I hate that I haven't liked my samples lately or they've been so small it made me feel my entire box wasn't even worth the $10. I don't know... Fingers crossed they turn it around because I'd like to stay subscribed!

What do you lovelies get? 


  1. I got the perfume in Septembers box, but I did like the smell, I was ok with my zoya polish mainly because I am planning on getting the set, (haven't gotten it yet) I got the lipgloss last month in a different color, but I agree with you it was WAY to small, my last gloss from birchbox was the stila glaze and it was seriously only .5 less than a full size!

    I am doing my post on birchbox now, I also am going to do a hits and misses from my boxes past.

  2. I wish Birchbox was living up to the "deluxe samples" promise in general. Giving us the types of samples you can get for free isn't really what we're all looking for :(


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