Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birchbox Man Coming Soon!

If you have a woman in your life that subscribes to Birchbox, you may have experience a twingle or two of jealously every time she received a box filled with stuff she loved. Guys, we've finally got something of our own to look forward to every month! Birchbox recently blogged about their upcoming male-focused sample subscription service--Birchbox Man.

According to Birchbox's blog the first limited edition collection for men will launch some time this month. Filled with grooming samples from some of the most popular male-focused companies, Birchbox Man aims to make it easier for guys like you and me to try out new products without having to break the bank. You can sign up at Birchbox Man's site to be notified of upcoming announcements if you're interested. After my disappointing experience with His Black Box (see post HERE), I'm hoping that Birchbox (which is more established) will get it right from the start.

You can sign up for updates HERE.

Who else is curious to see what Birchbox Man has to offer us guys?

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