Thursday, October 27, 2011

Swatch & Review: MAC Glitter & Ice Such Flare! lipstick and Cool Snowglobe Palette

I've been waiting for the MAC Glitter & Ice collection to come since I first caught wind that Olympian Johnny Weir would be the fact of this wintry holiday collection. I love the winter Olympics! I started skiing at 3 and raced alpine GS and Slalom when I was a teen. So awesome! Anyway, I digress.

I signed up for an alert through MAC so that I could jump on the collection as soon as it hit the website. Sure enough, the email notification came and I hopped on to shop. I had already studied the collection through various blogs and press releases so I had some idea of what I wanted. I didn't really like that so many of the products came in sets--I never like everything in every set! I landed on Such Flare! lipstick and the Cool Snowglobe palette. I just got them today and wanted to swatch them immediately. I didn't look at anyone's swatches before I got my order because I wanted it to be a surprise. Needless to say, I was.

Let's start with the good...

Such Flare! Lipstick
Color description (from MAC): True red.

Finish: Matte

Price: $15.50 Limited Edition
I loved the silver packaging :) I'm a sucker for holiday anything!

Sorry the label is a little hard to see, silver on white never quite works ;)

As you've probably already seen, the Glitter & Ice lipsticks come in white lipstick tubes.

Such Flare! So red and pretty.

Isn't that fabulous? Sorry for the slightly unclean edges, I lost my favorite lipstick brush (no idea how, it's really driving me nuts) and just applied it right out of the tube--which if you follow my blog you already know is my least favorite way to apply lipstick.

Now onto the bad...

 6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows in Cool
Shadows included: Snowball, Illegal Cargo, Idol Eyes, Warm & Smoky, Howzat, Set to Dance

Finishes: Multi 

Price: $38.00

I thought the box was cute :)

This is the top of the palette, which has an actual snowglobe-like bubble filled with water and tons of glitter.

These are the 6 shadows that come in this palette. They look fabulous, right? Looks can be deceiving :(

Snowball - Now only did it take an insane amount of grinding this into my skin to get any sort of color at all, but you can still barely see anything! It's super patchy, super dry ... sigh. This shadow desperately wanted to be Fyrinnae Otherworld (see swatch HERE), but never made it there.

Idol Eyes - This had so much promise, but it took more effort than it should have to get it this noticeable. Would have been gorgeous otherwise! A purple with a gold flash because of the gold flakes of glitter.

Howzat - This was a silky feeling slate gray. Again, not a lot of payoff.

Illegal Cargo - This was probably the most successful of all of them. It's silky, moderately pigmented, and actually applied reasonably well to my skin. It's a pretty lilac.

Warm & Smoky - This is definitely pretty, but again, took so much effort to get this much payoff out of. It's a medium purple with an aqua flash. Why couldn't this have performed better????

Set to Dance - MAC described this as a dark royal blue ... blue? Patchy charcoal is more like it. Fail, fail, fail.

Final Thoughts
I am so pleased with Such Flare! lipstick. It is everything I wanted and expected. Like most matte lipsticks it's a bit drying, but that's to be expected--I just use a little lip balm beforehand. The Snowglobe palette ... where do I begin? It could have been great, but it was far from it. I have a soft spot for MAC because it was my first high-end makeup love, but I'm so tired of the sub-par performance from half of the limited edition collections MAC has released lately. Why put out such horribly performing products? Why aren't they thrown out the second they're tested? Needless to say, I'm returning the palette, which is another headache because you can't return MAC products you order online in the stores. Blah. Disappointed.    


  1. Wow really love the eyeshadows!!! Why do I have such a hang up with palettes?? Missing on some great shadows like that lol The lip color looks very pretty on you! I'm still obsessing over your Queen lip tar lol

  2. Oh my gosh, DO NOT GET THE SHADOWS!!! I had to work them to even get that much out of them. I tried 2 eye looks with them and total flops. The consistency is horrible IF you can get any pigment onto your brush (and I use high quality brushes). Ugh, so disappointed :( Love the lipstick. Queen lip tar is crazy bright and fun. Love it haha. A little hard to apply lip tars so that they don't feather (which has never happened to me before now), but I'm getting the hang of it!

  3. Thats what I was affraid of with the lip tars, I don't like anything that requires work when applying lol That must be WHY i like the eyeshadow colors, because of the lightness. However, I'd expect that in one sweep, again not wanting to work for the color.

  4. Yeah, they are absolutely high-maintenance in that aspect. I'm loving the color and since I always use a lip brush anyway I thought I wouldn't even blink, but I learned that using the right amount is a balancing act. It can be mastered, but it's not intuitive. The shadow colors were mostly ok, it's just how freaking horrible the consistency and payoff is. I was literally grinding my finger into each color at one point to try to get some color then rubbing it like nuts into my skin. I probably looked nuts haha. I looked at a few other bloggers and they had the same issues. Check Temptalia's. MAC needs to get its act together :(

  5. What I find with shadows that don't want to work is that you have to find something to kinds of scrap it loose with so that you kind of a "loose pigment" type feel. Try that and see how it goes, I would really hate for you to waste that money.

  6. I've tried everything and this is probably one of the worst MAC palettes I've ever experienced! I called and spoke with customer service and I'm returning it. I still can't get over how horrible this was. An epic fail on MAC's part!


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