Sunday, October 9, 2011

Spotlight: New Fyrinnae Shadows Have Been Released!

Update (10/13/11): I just received confirmation from Fyrinnae that my lists below are correct ;) 

You lovelies know how much I adore Fyrinnae (so amazing!). Well, they've just released some new eyeshadow and Lip Lustre shades that are so fabulous! I was really sick when they released and unfortunately the site is down at this moment, but if you can get your hands on them I highly suggest at least checking out some samples. They're not separated out on the site from what I can see, but in the descriptions they're marked as Halloween 2011.

They are NOT limited edition, so even if you have to wait a while to purchase yours don't feel as though you'll miss out completely!

From what I can tell the new shadow shades are:
  • Arcane Magic: Alchemist's Curse - pink on black shifting to gold and green
  • Arcane Magic: Are you my mummy? - emerald green shifting to aqua and pink
  • Arcane Magic: Bride Of Frankenstein - blue with subtle turquoise shifting to aqua with subtle pink over blue base
  • Arcane Magic: Raven's Prophecy - black with lime and blue glitter shifting to pink and turquoise glitter
  • Arcane Magic: Steampunk (remake of old shade) - deep copper on black base with gold glitter and subtle pink shifting to gold and chartreuse
  • Arcane Magic: Wake Not the Dead - orchid purple base with gold, green and blue sparkles shifting to pink-purple
  • Book of the Dead - slightly antiqued gold with flashes of multi-colors
  • Dorian Gray (character from one of my favorite books of all time) - metallic pewter over black base with subtle blue sparkle
  • Purgatory - slightly metallic red over black base
The new Lip Lustre shades are
  • Sweetest Poison 
  • Coffin Velvet
    I think that's it! I can't wait until the site goes back up.


    1. Never heard of this brand! I'll have to take a look!

    2. Weird, I commented older earlier and it isn't showing! Anyway, they're a fabulous indie cosmetic company that has out of this world shadows. They're all loose and do take some extra-special care when applying, but I mostly use loose so I guess it doesn't bother me ;) Definitely check them out! If you want to see some swatches from my last purchase you can do that at

      I really need to get around to swatching the rest, I have almost all over their shadows! If you have any color questions feel free to ask! Also, purchasing from them can be a little challenging since the site goes down or stops working when they get a flood or orders (which is regularly), but the wait is so worth it!


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