Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spotlight: How to apply Incoco Nail Appliques

I just tried out my first set of Incoco nail strips and I'm in love so far! I've seen a few people have some difficulty with these, so I thought it would be helpful to do a how-to on applying them ;)

A quick word of advice: Do not open the sealed envelope of nail strips, run off and go shopping, then come back to apply them. They will dry out after being exposed to air because they're made of real polish! Once you pull them out work calmly and take your time, but make sure you have the time to apply them on as many fingers as you intend to, otherwise you may end up losing the rest. You can reseal the package to a degree, but it's probably best to not risk it.

Step 1
Break the applique with the closest fit to your nail off of the strip and pull of the plastic overlay.

Step 2
Peel the nail strip away from the white plastic backing. The polish strip is thin, completely flexible, and sticky on the underside so don't set it down once you peel it off!
Step 3
Gently pull off the silver tab. This pulls off easily and cleanly.
Step 4
Line the end of the nail strip up with your cuticle and smooth the nail strip down onto your nail. If you realize you put it on crooked, gently peel it off and reapply.
Please ignore my poor broken thumb nail :(
Step 5
Smooth the nail strip out and pull it over the end of your nail, creasing it.

Step 6
File the excess off by filing the end of your nail in a gentle, downward motion. I found that using the finer grit (light pink) on the file provided worked the best. I also found that doing it at a slight angle pointed away from your nail prevents the fine from taking off any of the nail strip from the top of your nail.
Finished Product!
By following the instructions you should end up with a smooth, well-fitted application ;)

This was done during my first ever application of Incoco nail strips. You can see my review of this particular design (Black Magic) HERE.

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