Friday, October 28, 2011

Spotlight: Faux Lashes!

Faux lash was fabulously sweet and sent me a couple pairs of their lashes to try out. I love false lashes, but because I have almond shaped eyes I often find that certain styles or brands just won't fit to my eye well. Not only are Faux lashes gorgeous, but the band is super flexible! I was also told by  the founder and CEO, Sterling Andrews, that these are actually hand-crafted and hand-knotted so they're pretty durable. I love that!

Does anyone else love getting things that need to be unwrapped? ;)

Here's the content of my lovely little package!

Don't these look lovely?

Alexia lashes - I love crisscross lashes, they're so cute on! Feel free to click the image for a closer peak.

Chloe lashes - These look like they'd blend well with your lashes naturally, giving you some length. We all know I need more length for my lashes!

Faux lashes range in price from $9 - $16.

Where to Buy
You can purchase Faux lashes on the company's site HERE  

Final Thoughts
I'm really excited to try these! I'll be sure to put them in an upcoming look so you can see them in action ;) I'm also eye-ing some more dramatic lashes on their site as well. I love Bianca, Colette, Gaga, Roxy, and of course Renee--all of the selling costs from Renee are donated to the V-Day charity for women and girls! You know I love companies that are socially-conscious and give back ;)

What do you think? 


  1. Love the criscross lashes...very cute :)

  2. I like lashes but haven't become comfortable with them just yet, they are cute though.

  3. @JoJo Right? I like them for everyday wear :)

    @Karma I believe the Estelle lashes are perfect for anyone getting the hand of falsies. The better the quality the easier to apply in my opinion ;) The Estelle is here:

    I did a post at the beginning of the year about my difficulty in finding lashes that worked with my eye shape that included a how-to for applying them. You can check it out here:


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