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Review & Swatches: Stila 2011 Holiday Lip Glaze Set (Picture Heavy)

I had mentioned that one of my little guys gave me Stila's 2011 Holiday Lip Glaze Set for my birthday in a past post, which is something I'd had my eye on because I have a serious lip product obsession ;) I thought it would be fun to swatch them so that you can see whether or not this is something you'd like to pick up during the holidays. I have to admit, I have a special soft spot for holiday collections when it comes to makeup in general, but it doesn't change my opinion on the individual products--which you'll read below.

Overview of Set
Stila Holiday 2011 Lip Glaze Set - $25 Retail

On the back of the box you can see the list of lip glazes included (4 best sellers and 4 limited editions) as well as a list of general ingredients. You can click the image to enlarge it so you can read the text a bit better.

These are all of the lip glaze shades included in this set! In addition to my general lip product obsession, I was drawn to this set because it seemed to have a decent variety of lip glaze colors.

If you've never tried Stila's lip glazes: None of these have an actual flavor, but they all have a scent. They're a tad sticky (I don't mind sticky gloss at all, isn't that weird?) and super shiny.

This is the brush that comes on every Stila lip glaze tube. I personally think it's a bit stiff, but it gets the job done.

Individual Lip Glaze Reviews
Below you'll find individual swatches and reviews on each color. While the limited edition lip glazes can only be purchased in this set (to my knowledge) and not individually, I hate buying a set and hating half of the products in it! This way you can judge whether or not this set is worth buying ;) Any of the images below can be clicked to view a larger version.
Apricot Lip Glaze
Color: Semi-sheer, creamy pink with micro glitter. This is almost a salmon, but not quite.

On Lips: Added a lot of shine and sparkle with a hint of pink

Smell/Flavor: This smelled exactly like those candy peach rings to me!

Color: Bright ruby with golden flecks

On Lips: Raspberry red with golden flecks

Smell/Flavor: I couldn't quite place the scent, though it was definitely sweet. 
I think this is great for the holidays!

Color: Creamy mauve with micro glitter
On Lips: Smooth, subtle mauve

Smell/Flavor: This smell was hard to place as well, but it was a sweet smell. 

Color: Semi-sheer, creamy, vibrant pink with gold flecks. This is almost a grapefruit pink to me, which is ironic because there is a Grapefruit lip glaze.

On Lips: Adds a pink grapefruit hue

Smell/Flavor: Fruity 
I was a little surprised by how subtle this was compared to in the tube, but it was still pretty. It's a tad bit pinker in person.

Color: Creamy medium pink with gold flecks. If this was a bit lighter I would consider it a "Barbie" pink.
On Lips: Light, shiny pink

Smell/Flavor: I couldn't identify this smell (it wasn't grapefruit in my opinion), but it was a tad plastic-y.
If you want a shiny light pink gloss, this is definitely worth owning ;)

Color: Light, sheer pink with multicolored sparks
On Lips: This didn't give my lips any color, but adds a lot of shine in addition to the multicolored sparks

Smell/Flavor: Fruity
It was hard to capture all of the different colors of the sparks in this glitter, but you can sort of see it in different areas.

Color: Sparkly, flesh-toned copper

On Lips: Shiny, sparkly copper

Smell/Flavor: Something about this was almost caramel-like, but not easily identifiable. I didn't find it super strong.
This looks more even in person, but it is clearly copper in tone.

Color: Rosy pink with lots of golden flecks

On Lips: Slight pink shine with noticeable gold flecks

Smell/Flavor: Fruity
This may be a good color for anyone that wants something festive, but who may be a bit wary of super dark or bright colors.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I like this Stila lip glaze set! I think every color is great and super wearable. Even the brightest and most obvious shades are subtle enough in my opinion for even the most color-shy makeup lover.

Stila's 2011 holiday lip glaze set is priced at $25 retail.

Where to Buy
This set is available on the Stila website as well as in-store and online at Sephora and Ulta. You can view this set on the Stila website HERE.

What do you think? It could make a great gift, too ;)


  1. Not bad for the price. They all look great..

  2. I agree! For just over $3 a piece, can you really go wrong?

  3. Thanks so much for this thorough review!

  4. These are fantastic!! I really like Believe & Grapefruit. =)

  5. Hey ladies!

    @Kristine You're welcome ;)

    @Karma Those 2 are definitely fantastic glosses!


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