Friday, October 21, 2011

Review & Swatches: OPI Crown Me Already!

In general, I don't track down glitter polishes just for kicks, but this practically hit me over the head with its dazzling sparkle the moment I first saw it! OPI released this polish in its collection celebrating the Miss World competition. Of all of those polishes, this is the only one that made me feel as though I had to have it.

OPI Crown Me Already! - This is much more sparkly in person, it reminds me of crushed diamonds in the light!

Color Description
This has a clear base and is chock full of silver glitter of a trillion different sizes and shapes. Actually, I think there are 3 or 4 sizes/shapes, but you get what I mean ;)

On the Nail
This was not disappointing at all! It absolutely sparkles on your fingers. The downside is, it's very rough because of all of the glitter and the thinness of the base. I only applied 2 coats because I personally hate super thick glitter polish, but you could probably do another coat or 2 and make this completely cover your nail.

OPI Crown Me Already (2 coats) - I made sure the light was not directly on it so you can see all of the different types of glitter. So cool!
This is how OPI Crown Me Already! looks when the light hits it. The song "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" comes to mind ;) Love Marilyn!

OPI Crown Me Already! over China Glaze Blue Year's Eve - I wanted to give you a chance to see how it looked layered! This is only 1 coat of Crown Me Already! I love how this looks, it's even prettier in the light :)

This has the large brush OPI uses, which I'm not a huge fan of personally. It did make application a tad harder for me because of how narrow my nails are.

Ease of Application
This wasn't super horrible to apply because a good deal of glitter came out on the brush--I hate it when you're practically digging through your bottle to scoop up a few large pieces of litter. I did move a couple pieces around just to even it out, but it wasn't bad.

This was definitely rough and would probably take 2 coats to feel smooth enough for me to be satisfied.

I've seen this go for between $7 and $11, depending on where you purchase it from. 

Where to Buy
You can purchase this at a number of nail salons as well as online. You can view it on Amazon HERE           
Final Thoughts
This is absolutely dazzling and definitely worth purchasing in my mind! The only downside to this glitter polish is the clean up. Oh my gosh! If you've ever worn chunky glitter polish you know how horrendous it can be when you have to take it off. I always wear a base coat so that tends to make it a bit easier, but this glitter got everywhere as I was taking it off. It flew all over my clothes, desk, hands haha. Either way, it was worth it!

What do you think? Is this something you'd try?

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