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Review & Swatches: China Glaze Let it Snow 2011 (Picture Heavy)

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I purchased the China Glaze 2011 Holiday Collection Let it Snow a few weeks ago, but my order ended up delayed and then (this is still stinging) one of my polishes ended up selling out before my order was filled, despite the fact that my order had been placed over a week before I got notice. Anyway, for that reason Twinkle Lights will not be swatched in this post sadly :( Moving on, this collection is so much fun! I think this is exactly what you'd expect in a holiday nail polish collection. It's classic with a few little surprises, but overall it's tried and true in my opinion. The glitters are very pretty and the cream polishes are so smooth and creamy...ugh! Totally putting me in the holiday mood ;)

Before getting into the swatches, I want to show you a few of the cute little sets released with this collection. There are tons of them by the way! I originally purchased 4, but one of mine ended up selling out before my order was fulfilled so I purchased the individual polishes instead (minus Twinkle Lights, which sold out completely). I think these are perfect for anyone interested in getting a cute stocking stuffer, secret santa gift, teacher gift, etc.

On a side note, I'm so bummed that a bunch of my nails randomly broke this week :( Usually my nails are fairly long and they've always been strong, but you'll see my sad, short thumbnail in some of these swatches :(

Let it Snow Gift Sets
There are 12 sets in all I think, many of which include cute little stocking-stuffer type goodies! I'm not sure what the retail prices are, but I've seen the sets go between $10 and $14.95.

Berry Sweet Set - (left to right) Velvet Bow polish, Holiday Berry Hand lotion, Ring in the Red polish.

Holiday Spirits Set - (left to right) Glitter Garland, Icicle, Champagne Bubbles. This set also comes with a cute bottle stopper.

Holly Bear-Y Set - (left to right) Holly-Day, Mini Holly Bear Plush, Winter Berry. My 5 year old loves stuffed bears and he's been dying for this little guy since he first arrived in the mail haha.

Individual Polishes & Swatches
Here are all of the polishes in the China Glaze Let it Snow Holiday 2011 Collection, with the exception of Twinkle Lights--which I'm still trying to get my hands on to add to this post. I'll do a quick review alongside each swatch so you can read my thoughts on each one! None of these polishes have top coats on them so that you can see them as they are. I've kept the pictures small, except the swatches, but you can click on any of the images to see them at full-size.

Blue Year's Eve
Color: Vibrant blue, semi-sheer base with flecks of silver reflects. There is a duo in the bottle, but I couldn't see it in person even after 3 coats. 
Application/Opacity: This applied beautifully. It is completely opaque with 2 coats, but I did a third to see if I could catch the duo. 
Blue Year's Eve - This blue is gorgeous! Brilliant sapphire blue with flecks of silver. I couldn't see the duo unfortunately.

Champagne Bubbles
Color: Yellow, creamy light gold with silver glitter flecks here and there (not heavy on the glitter).

Application/Opacity: This went on fine and was completely opaque with 2 coats. This polish is a bit thinner than most of the others in this collection, but that doesn't seem to effect it's performance.   
Champagne Bubbles - I wasn't sure how I'd like this, but I actually do in person! My nails really did look like they were covered in bubbly champagne ;)

Glittering Garland
Color: Dark green, jelly-ish base with lighter green and yellow-y green glitter

Application/Opacity: This one applied very well. It was uneven with the first coat, but completely opaque by the second.

Feel: I like to discuss the feel when it comes to glitters because I've found some are smooth and some are as rough as sand paper! In my opinion, it's actually fairly smooth because of the thicker base, but if you want it to be super smooth throw a top coat over it.
Glittering Garland - I love green in general (it's been my favorite color my entire life), but this green is seriously stunning!

Color: A creamy, deep, holly green.

Application/Opacity: This applied like a perfect cream polish and was completely opaque and super smooth with 2 coats. 
Holly-Day - This was a perfect holly green to me! It doesn't remind me of the army greens of the fall, but a creamy holiday green.

Color: Brilliant silver foil

Application/Opacity: Icicle applied really nicely and was completely opaque with 2 coats. 

Feel: This feels like a typical foil polish. If you prefer a glass-like finish then definitely put a top coat on.
Icicle - Oh my gosh I love it! This is a perfect example of a silver foil polish ;)
Color: Creamy, jelly-like bright red

Application/Opacity: This applied well and was completely opaque with 2 coats. It was a bit on the thinner side compared to most of the other polishes, but the performance was still perfection.
Poinsettia - This reminds me of a cherry-red jelly bean. I love it! I have a lot of reds, but in my opinion there's always room for one more ;)

Ring in the Red
Color: Light red base with micro and large glitter in both silver and red
Application/Opacity: This glitter polish is definitely thin enough to layer and took 3 coats to get 100% opaque.

Feel: This feels like a typical glitter polish and I would suggest wearing a top coat. Like most glitters, this was a bit messy to take off.  
Ring in the Red - This is not a dupe for China Glaze Ruby Pumps or Zoya Kimmy. This has a thinner base in my opinion and just a slightly different look overall. I have a thing for red so for me, this was a lovely addition to the collection!

Snow Globe
Color: Clear base with small and hexagonal multicolored opal-like glitter

Application/Opacity: This can definitely be layered. I only did 2 coats and did not get it to completely cover my nail, but I actually preferred it this way because it reminded me of a snow globe literally.

Feel: There was nothing super rough about this at all, you could definitely wear it without a top coat if you wanted to. This isn't as bad as some glitters when it comes to removal, but that's probably largely due to the fact that it wasn't on super thick.
Snow Globe - I think this is super fun! I don't always like glitters (perhaps I overdid it when I was very young because they were so popular), but I was surprised to find how much this really did it for me! I feel like this is more "cute" than anything, but that's not necessarily a bad thing ;)

Tinsel Town
Color: Gunmetal colored sheer base with tons of different types of glitter

Application/Opacity: This was fairly thick and went on well. It was completely opaque with 2 coats.

Feel: This is pretty rough after 2 coats, so I definitely suggest a top coat or 2. 
Tinsel Town - Holy icy goodness!!! This is so freaking fabulous to me I love it!!! I think this is actually a great winter polish because it's icy, but has some depth to it because of the base. It almost reminds me of ice on asphalt. Ugh, I fell in love as soon as I swiped it on!

Twinkle Lights
Color: Clear base with gold, green, and red glitter.

Application: Unknown (still trying to get my hands on this as this color sold out before my order was fulfilled).
Twinkle Lights - This is a promotional image, but I wanted to at least show you what this polish looks like in the bottle. I WILL get a hold of this and do swatches as soon as I can. It's a super christmas-y, festive glitter polish.

Velvet Bow
Color: A deep wine-colored, Bordeaux-like red/maroon

Application/Opacity: This color went on just as well as the rest and had a super smooth finish. It took 2 coats to get it completely opaque.
Velvet Bow - I actually smashed my nail before I took this pic (you can see it in the upper-right corner), but I thought this polish was exactly as its name described it--the velvet bows on wreaths and Christmas trees. It's a very deep color, but I think it's actually a nice alternative to the brighter reds if you want something a bit more "mature" in hue.

Winter Berry
Color: A medium red jelly, less bright than Poinsettia
Application/Opacity: Like most of the others, this went on super smoothly and only took 2 coats.   
Winter Berry - Another red, what can I say, I love my reds :) I like that there was a variety of reds in this collection and each is definitely different, so for someone that isn't quite as thrilled about a super bright, cherry red like Poinsettia, this may be a good alternative.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I like this collection because I really enjoy the holidays--colors, scents, etc. If you're looking for a polish collection that embodies a "classical" take on the holidays, this is absolutely it! I definitely feel that this is more holiday-focused than winter-focused. The number of reds in this collection might bother some people, but since I can never get enough reds I'm not one of those people :) I thought that all of these applied very well and I was actually impressed that the entire collection (with the exception of Twinkle Lights, which I have yet to try) performed so well! I usually find at least 1 trouble polish in a large collection, but that wasn't the case here :) I also love the wide variety of holiday sets that were released with this collection--so convenient for gift giving!

I typically see China Glaze priced between $5.99 and $8.

Where to Buy
I haven't seen these go up on Sally Beauty's website, but keep your eyes peeled! Has anyone seen them in the stores yet?   


  1. I am in love with all of the glittery ones! Thanks for this post, now I know which ones I want! <3

  2. You're welcome! Enjoy them, mine were fabulous to apply ;)

  3. awee the teddy bear doll looks cute<33

  4. That set is definitely one of the "cuter" sets they released with this collection :) The bear is about 3 inches tall sitting or so?


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