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Review: Limited Edition Anastasia All Eye Want Palette

I was given the opportunity to review this limited edition palette by Anastasia and jumped at the chance! I love palettes, especially limited edition and seasonal ones ;) The All Eye Want palette not only includes 9 different shadows, but includes a double-ended makeup brush, mascara, and brow gel.This palette does not include how-to eye look cards like so many other palettes I've seen released lately, but I never use them anyway. I created my own look using this palette so you can see what it's capable of.

All Eye Want Palette Look

I only used products from the Anastasia All Eye Want Palette for this look--including the mascara and brow gel--with the exception of the primer (Benefit Stay Don't Stray). In this picture my brow looks a bit "wetter" than it did in person. My camera just happened to pick up the eye gel a bit more than your actual eye will. I think I used almost every color in different areas in this look! Obviously you could use as few as 1 or 2 shadows from this palette, but I wanted to really highlight, shade, contour, etc. As you can see, the overall effect of these shadows with a regular primer is a soft one.

The Palette
The palette comes in a box, complete with mirror and products. The box comes in a cute cardboard sleeve, which lists the ingredients on the back of it. One of the ingredient lists applies to all of the shadows and includes a "may contain" list.  

This palette comes in a sleeve (see above).

Sorry, this was a little hard to capture because of the colors used, but if you click on it you can see the ingredient lists.

This is the actual palette box--very cute!

As I mentioned, this palette box has a mirror, 9 eye shadows, a double-ended makeup brush, mascara, and eyebrow gel.

A Closer View

I didn't see names for the shadows, but as you can see there's a variety of neutrals ranging from matte to shimmery and even some sparkles. 

These shadows almost remind me of Urban Decay's Naked Palette.

The mascara and brow gel are decent in size--similar to a deluxe sample size.

This brush has tips on both ends. One appears to be a fluffy shadow end and the other reminds me of a mix of a crease and blender brush. The bristles seem fairly soft. As I just received this I'm not sure about shedding over time.


The Shadows
These are swatches of all of the shadows in the order/position they appear in the palette. As you can see, shadow 1 and 3 on the top row, shadow 2 on the second row, and shadow 3 on the third row (though it has a few subtle micro-glitter sparks of gold) are completely matte. Shadow 2 on the first row, shadow 1 and 3 on the second row, and shadow 2 on the third row are shimmery. Shadow 1 on the third row is a matte shadow with lots of sparks.
To make it simple, I'm going to list the shadow and include a brief review:
  • Row 1 Column 1: Very subtle matte beige. This almost blended in with my skin, though I applied quite a bit to see if I could get decent enough contrast to capture it in a picture.
  • Row 1 Column 2: Shimmery copper brown that skews a tiny bit pink. If it weren't for the pink, I would say it was like a slightly lighter version of Urban Decay Smog.
  • Row 1 Column 3: Matte, light flesh tone. This may not be quite light enough for a highlight color, but I think it's a great color that you can use to even out the edges of your eyeshadow to blend it out so it's not so harsh. It blends well and so even though it is lighter than my own skin color, it blended right in because it's pretty sheer.
  • Row 2 Column 2: Shimmery golden champagne. I like this color a lot!
  • Row 2 Column 2:  Matte honey beige. This shadow was a bit deeper than my natural skin tone, though it's definitely a beige and not a brown.
  • Row 2 Column 2: Shimmery light bronzey copper. This almost reminds me of Urban Decay Half Baked in person.
  • Row 3 Column 1: Matte black with multi-colored micro glitter. I swear there's a Fyrinnae shadow very similar to this one, though obviously this is pressed. Very pretty! I love black shadows with flecks of sparkle.
  • Row 3 Column 2: Shimmery super light brown. This almost reminds me of a dirty-blonde color. 
  • Row 3 Column 3: Matte brown with some flecks of gold mixed through. This is very light on the golden flecks, so great for someone that doesn't like much glitter.
These shadows are extremely silky, which isn't shocking because they're talc-based. They're fairly pigmented, but they are also a bit powdery when you apply them (though there's minimal fallout). I highly suggest using a regular primer if you want a soft look or a sticky primer (like Pixie Epoxy) if you want super sharp color with the shimmers/glitters.

The Mascara and Brow Gel
I tried out both of these when I used the shadows to create an eye look. I managed to hold myself back from using falsies ;)

The Mascara - This was my first time every using Anastasia mascara. As you know if you follow my blog, I have super short, thin lashes and need something more than the average makeup lover when it comes to mascara. I actually really liked the brush on this mascara (which I forgot to take a picture of), but found that this didn't give me a lot of length. It would be fabulous for someone with long or even average lashes, but wasn't quite enough for me. Application was perfect in every other way. It didn't clump, the brush was great, etc.

The Brow Gel - Generally I don't use brow gel. I have short, typically well-behaved brows so other than filling them in, I tend to not use waxes or gels. One of the reasons I don't like to use anything is because I hate the consistency once it dries. This brow gel never got that hard, plastic-like finish that I hate so much! If you're looking for a brow gel this is wonderful.

The Brush
This brush is included in the All Eye Want palette.
There are 2 ends to this brush, a fluffy eyeshadow end and a crease and/or blender end. Admittedly, I never, ever use the mini-brushes included in palettes. I am extremely picky when it comes to my brushes and I have no issue investing in them, so I tend to either give them away or just leave them in the palette untouched. I did take pictures of the end, though. For someone like my sister who is at the earlier stages of learning how to apply makeup or someone on-the-go, this is a great addition to the palette. I didn't use either of these brushes to create the eye look above, but I wanted to give you a closer look.

This end is used to pick up the shadow and apply it across your lid. It felt fairly soft and fluffy!

This brush reminded me of a mix of a crease and blender brush. It was a bit stiff and slightly dome-shaped.

This palette sells for $32 retail.

Where to Buy
This is for sale at Sephora,, and the Anastasia website for $32 retail. You can view it on HERE and take advantage of the Friends & Family Sale's 20% off if you haven't used your promo code yet!

Final Thoughts
I think that if you're looking for a reasonably price palette that includes a number of different neutrals and you don't mind talc-based shadows this is a great palette. I love that it includes a brow gel (which I've never heard of in a palette before) as well as a mascara and mini-brush. If you feel as though you don't have enough neutrals in your eye shadow collection it's definitely worth running to Sephora and swatching these for yourself. If you're not a fan of talc then I wouldn't recommend them as all of the shadows are talc-based. 

What do you think? 

This palette was provided for review.

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