Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Eye Series: Playing with Poison EOTD

I know I haven't posted an EOTD in forever, so much going on! Anyway, since Halloween is coming up I thought I'd do a small series of looks in which I try to capture the essence of a character using just my eye makeup. The inspiration being that I haven't dressed up for Halloween since my very early 20s and always focus on costumes for the boys, but I do like to make sure my eye makeup is a bit more fun and dramatic that night. If you're like me and not planning on dressed up for whatever reason, but want to do something fun that day/night maybe you'll find some inspiration in the looks I post.

I wanted to start with something a bit more on the subtle end for those that typically wear neutrals and want to venture into something a bit more colorful, then build up to more dramatic looks as I continue in this series. I would actually wear this look on an average day, but I know some prefer to be a bit more low-key during the day and dramatic at night or on the weekends ;)

The character I wanted to embody in this eye look was a female version of Professor Plum from the game Clue. Clue has always been a favorite game of mine and the movie still amuses me now.The name is a play on one of the major shadows I used--Surgarpill Poison Plum--because I didn't think labeling this look "Professor Plum" was quite clever enough. Besides, a female Professor Plum could totally be a chemist working with poisons ... right? Ok, getting a little too involved in the title haha.

This look was very hard to capture because it had a lot of different shadows incorporated into it to give it shimmer, texture, etc., so I'm posting two different views so you can see it directly from the front and from the side.  Also, I didn't actually line my upper lashline (only waterline), but the falsies I used had a black band (which I don't always like) that almost made it look as though my eye was lined. You're really seeing the falsies dead on in the inner/middle of my eye, hence the line of black.

Professor Plum look head-on.

Professor Plum look from the side. I know this has a bit too much glare from the highlighted areas, but it shows off the shadow on the outer corner well.

A number of shadows went into this look including:

  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #3 (dabbed all over upper lid and drop shadow)
  • Sugarpill Poison Plum (patted over upper lid and dropshadow)
  • Fyrinnae Winter Again (patted over Poison Plum from inner corner out, dramatically highlighting the inner corner and giving the rest of the lid the slightly lighter purple tone and blue duo; also used to line inner lashline and pulled down a bit from lashline)
  • Fyrinnae Incubus (patted on outer v and swept up and around crease as well as the outer drop shadow)
  • Fyrinnae Nijiro (blended into edges of shadow around eye to work prevent a severe contract from skin to shadow)
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes pencil in 0L (lined upper waterline and lower, outer waterline)
  • Red Cherry #15 false lashes
  • Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof mascara in Very Black
Again, this is a pretty subtle look for Halloween, but still a tad dramatic and definitely way more dramatic and complex in person (even the falsies are more dramatic in person). It is so hard to capture some shadows, especially Fyrinnae--there is so much sparkle and dimension and shift!

So there you have it! I'll be posting more looks in this eye-only Halloween makeup series and you'll see they'll gradually get more dramatic as time goes on ;)

What do you plan to do for Halloween? Do you dress up?


  1. this is my fav so far, i am so totally loving everything purple... it's my best color in everything... makes my eyes look green too!

  2. Thank you! My eyes are hazel and on any given day can be mostly green or mostly light brown. You just never know haha ;)


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