Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birthday Gift Favs!

I am a Columbus Day baby and no, Columbus day is not just a floating holiday, the actual day is the 12th of October--you'd be surprised how many people I come across that don't know this! Anyway, Hubs and my 2 little guys surprised me with some fabulous gifts, so I thought I'd highlight my 3 favorite beauty gifts my awesome boys gave me ;) And no worries, I'll do individual posts on these when I get a chance to try them out!

Make Up For Ever Fluo Night - This stuff was recently released by Make Up For Ever. It can be mixed into your eyeshadow or face makeup (anything but lips) and will react with black lights! So fabulous!!!

I was so excited to see this! Hubs grabbed this for me after hearing me talk about it the day it was released haha. I think it's so darn cool! Not that I spend a lot of time under black lights ... or even own one anymore. Gosh I must have been in junior high last time I was in possession of a black light. They were in back then! And I don't club anymore, my clubbing days have long since ended after having my boys. Clubs around here to tend to be for younger crowds. Anyway, Hubs and I have decided we need to get a black light just to see this stuff in action haha. Can you picture it? 2 almost 30-year-olds plugging in a black light one night just to see my makeup then laughing because there's nothing else left to do with it! Ooooh well, I'll make sure to take pics when we do finally grab a black light ;)

OPI Regis Pink Shatter - So excited!

I have quite a few different shatters, but when I heard that OPI was releasing a pink shatter in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month I knew I wanted to add it to my collection! Thankfully, I told my 5 year old when he asked what I wanted for my birthday and he remembered when Hubs took him and my youngest out shopping for me. He's gonna make some girl very happy some day, I'm training him to be a very good gift giver ;) But good luck to any girl that wants to date my sons down the road, I plan to be evil to weed out the bad ones haha. I have no shame about this either by the way! I now understand some of my exes moms!

Stila's 2011 Holiday Lip Glaze Set!!!
My littlest got this for me with Hubs' help :) It's funny, though I'm the only female in my family, my boys probably know more about the latest trends, releases, cosmetic companies, etc. than some girls out there haha! Hubs gave him the choice of this or some other things and he chose this :) I'm so excited, I've been dying to get this set. I have a horrible addiction to lip products. I'd say it's as bad as my eyeshadow addiction. No plans on quitting either of these addictions by the way ;)

There you have it! My 3 favorite beauty gifts from Hubs and my 2 boys this birthday :) I think they did really well picking stuff out! What do you think?

Treat Yourself!
If you'd like to treat yourself to any of these fabulous products, you can get them at the following places:
Stila Lip Glaze 2011 Holiday Set
Make Up For Ever Fluo Night
OPI Regis Pink Shatter


  1. Fun stuff!!!!! Happy belated Birthday!!!

  2. Great gifts. Happy belated :)

  3. Your boy's sound so sweet :) I like the look of the lip glosses x

  4. They're sweet ... and mischievous ;) I have a serious issue with my addiction to lip products, it's almost as bad as my eyeshadow addiction! The Stila holiday lip glaze sets are great value in my opinion. 8 glosses for $25, can you beat it? I just included a link to where you can guy them in the post ;)


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