Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spotlight: Amazon Tablet Kindle Fire

I know this isn't exactly beauty related, but we do a lot of beauty purchasing online and the Kindle Fire gives you online and shopping access so there's some correlation, right? ;) I'm a bit of a geek and I've always enjoyed my electronics (palm, smartphone, computers, etc.). I was seriously thrilled when I started readering different rumors about Amazon's upcoming announcement about a potential new tablet. I've been following live blogs all day and wanted to update you on what Amazon is releasing!
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Aside from some changes to the kindles we're already familiar with (things like a touch screen model), Amazon is releasing the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is essentially a small tablet that packs a punch. It's like the Kindle in the sense that it supports electronic reading, but in addition it also offers many features/benefits.

  • An impressive color touchscreen
  • Super detailed color displays of magazines
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ultra-fast mobile browsing through Amazon's new Amazon Silk Browser in addition to Amazon Web Services cloud
  • FREE cloud storage! Meaning you don't have to rely on your device for all of your storage!
  • Super durable screen (a special material that's supposed to prevent some of the typical bumps and scratches)
  • Amazon Whispersync provides automatic backup of your data 
  • Email app that combines all of your accounts
  • Document support of documents including PDFs, new and older versions of Word, etc.
  • Free month of Amazon Prime (unlimited streaming of movies and videos as well as free 2-day shipping on qualified items--love this! I did a trial a few months ago and was impressed)
  • Access to 100,000 movies and tv shoes (not new, but a great feature)
  • A dual-core processor (so excited about this!)
  • Access to all of your favorite apps and games
  • Millions of electronic books (again, nothing new, but great all the same)
  • Children's e-books (nothing new, but great for families)
  • 17 million songs (impressive and a good iPad competitor)
This goes for $199 with free shipping. It can be pre-ordered now and will begin to ship Nov 15th.

Where to Buy
This can only be purchased through Amazon! Pro-order HERE

Final Thoughts
I am definitely going to be purchasing one of these!

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