Monday, September 12, 2011

September Birchbox - Birchbox's 1 Year Anniversary!

I just received my September Birchbox today and wanted to post it for you lovely ladies that are dying to see what this month's might hold. I'll tell you what my overall opinion of it is at the end so that you can form your own opinion first!

I love looking at this familiar little box and wondering what it holds!
Every birchbox comes with a little postcard-like insert with a message on one side explaining that month's inspiration for the products chosen. Since this was the anniversary box, Birchbox chose a mixture of favorites and new products.
Here's a list of the products in my birchbox, including the special anniversary treat, which Birchbox had announced earlier would be a non-cosmetic item. I tend to not look at this until after I've gone through the box so I discover each item on its own rather than knowing in advance.
Here's my first peak into the September '11 box!
Here are all of the products including the ones in the little package! I love unwrapping that little package, it's so cute!

Here's a look at the products individually...

I was very excited to see this! I'm a big fan of natural products and products that don't include "junk" and I'm always on the hunt for a new face cream.
I was a little bummed this didn't list the ingredients, but if you're familiar with Pangea Organics you know they're generally pretty great!
I've been interested in trying some of the nail applique products I've seen, so when I first saw this I was pretty please! So sorry for that awful concentrated spot of light. This was folded closed and kept catching it just so!
Here's the inside view of the nail applique packet. The instructions seem easy enough!
This is the design I received. It's pretty, but it's not quite my taste. I've been interested in trying some of the more geometric-shaped ones. These remind me of a colorful leopard print. Cool but I have to admit, I'm not hugely into animal print, so perhaps these will make an appearance in my upcoming giveaway ;)
I received this tiny Jouer lip enhancer sample. This was actually very small, maybe close in size to Too Faced's Shadow Insurance sample tubes (if you've ever purchased from them).
This sample of LIV GRN perfume in Earth was a cool addition to my box because I really enjoy eco-friendly products. I like this scent, but I'm not sure I'd wear it daily. I'll have to smell it a few more times to make a final decision. It's definitely a sweet smell that isn't musky (not a fan of musky smells at all). I think if it had a touch of citrus to it I'd be in love. We'll see! I was a bit bummed that the sample came in a tube with a stopper on top rather than a mini spray bottle, but that's not a huge deal.
This was the "treat" that was included in my Birchbox to celebrate its 1st anniversary.
Overall Impression
I have really enjoyed my Birchboxes so far, so I think I had high expectations about this month's, especially because it was a special month for Birchbox. I have to say, while I like one or two of my products, I was really disappointed about this month. Not only did I only receive 4 products (usually I receive 5), two of my samples were very small (the perfume and the lip enhancer). This doesn't mean I won't stick with Birchbox to see what next month brings, but this month was my first ever let-down.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some! I can't wait to see what you all get :)

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