Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review & Swatch: Zoya Sooki

I am a major sucker for red polishes, I don't know what it is, but if I see a bright red polish I have to snatch it up. It's no wonder I nearly died when I saw Sooki on Zoya! If you love sexy red polishes you're going to love this review!

Zoya Sooki - Summertime Collection

3-free plus camphor free! Not sure why this is skewing a bit orange-red. It's not, it is 100% cool cherry red.

Color Description
Zoya's site describes it as, "Bright, clean, crisp cool cherry red cream with a subtle jelly finish. For an irresistible, attention-grabbing red nail."

In my opinion this description is dead-on. It is absolutely a cool cherry red with a subtle jelly finish. Love it!

In the Bottle v. On the Nail
This nail polish is literally identical when you compare it in the bottle and on your nail. I was thrilled!

I'm not sure what weird reflections are showing up on my nail in this picture, but in person it is glass smooth and even.
Typical-sized Zoya brush.

Ease of Application
Oh my gosh, I could gush over how amazingly well this polish applied. It applies easily, evenly, smoothly, etc. It dries quickly too! It's a little thinner than some of the other Zoya polishes, but it actually makes it easier to apply!

Opacity & Number of Coats
The first coat of Sooki polish applied evenly, but a bit sheer. The second coat was completely opaque and perfect! Seriously, so fabulous!

Va-va-voom! Look at that red!
Drying Time 
This dries very fast and seems to be quite hard in comparison to a few of the slower drying Zoya polishes I've tried.  

This sells on Zoya's site for $8.

Loathe, Leave, Like, or Love
If you haven't already guessed--love!!!! I'm not sure this could be any more perfect, it is phenomenal!  If you like red nail polish, BUY ZOYA SOOKI!         

Don't forget, Zoya is offering free shipping with promo code "sweep2". It can be used 1 time only and expires 9/30/11. 


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  2. Ooops! Random typo there haha. I said I'm in love! I've been distracted by my nails ALL DAY! I keep thinking "Cherry Bomb" by the Runaways


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