Monday, September 5, 2011

Free shipping on today!

I've mentioned a few times, I absolutely cannot get enough of this sample sale site. They have the most unique stuff of all the sample sites I frequent (and I frequent quite a few ;)).

Anyway, they're offering free standard shipping today! You don't even need a promo code, it just automatically shows up free in your cart. I hate paying shipping haha. I will spend more just to get free shipping, which I know doesn't necessarily make monetary sense, but it's just one of my quirks!

I've already snatched up a few really cool things from the site today.

Right now they're selling some pretty cool stuff including super chic t's screen printed the old fashion way (love this), portable chopsticks, these really neat journals and sketchpads with a reversible exterior/binding, and WWII poster prints!

You can visit this site HERE (affiliate link).

I begin my Christmas shopping really early every year because my list of people to buy for is extensive, so I've already bought quite a few things here because I love giving unique gifts! My Mollycoddle soap that I bought here should come any day now, can't wait to do a post on what I bought, it's too freaking cool and quirky!

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