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Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel Review

I have heard a lot about the Yes to [pick a fruit or vegetable] products. I have actually even purchased some of the Yes to Baby Carrots items (made for babies/toddlers) for my own kids when other brands I normally purchase weren't available. I wanted to try the Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel because I don't get much sleep and the older I get the more I notice it showing around my eyes. My review is very analytical, it just wouldn't be me if it wasn't ;)

At First Glance
Appearance: Clear gel
Smell: Fairly fresh and cucumber-y, but there's definitely a scent of synthetic fragrance. More on that below.

Claim vs. Realty:
Claim - Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel's website states, "Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel gently calms, soothes and smoothes your radiant eyes. Naturally reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles, tightening and cooling your skin, it will leave you bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to take on the world!" There's also a note that says, "*Keep in the fridge for the ultimate cooling and soothing experience." Right off the bat I thought--ok...keeping real cucumbers in the fridge would have just as much if not more of a cooling effect, but ok.  

Reality - Does Yes to Cucumbers Eye gel do all it says it does?
  • Cooling: While it did cool for a few seconds after applying it, I've used other eye products that didn't claim to cool and that naturally drew air to the area and cooled for longer. I was a bit disappointed by this. 
  • Reduced Circles: I didn't notice a reduction in circles, but perhaps with regular use?
  • Reduced Puffiness: I'm pretty sure it didn't change anything on this front, but again perhaps with regular use, though I'd think an eye gel would reduce puffiness either right away or not at all.
  • Tightening: Yes, I did feel some tightening. Have you ever used a gel facial mask? It felt the same way as those do when they dry and tighten.
Major Pros or Cons:
  • Con - The burn! I patted this around my eyes as mentioned in the description and at least a little must have somehow melted into my left eye and it burned. To me, if you're making an eye product like this that's meant to calm the eye area, it shouldn't irritate your eyes. Again, I have other eye creams that don't irritate if they manage to melt into your eyes. This line is specifically made for sensitive skin. What about eyes?
  • Con - Irritated skin! This actually irritated some of the skin around my eyes that I applied it to. It wasn't a super bad irritation, but just a faint burn/itch. Again, they market the Yes to Cucumbers line for sensitive skin, so what's with that?
  • Con - The ingredients! This review wouldn't be mine if I didn't highlight some major ingredient issues I have with this product. Now let me begin by saying one of the reasons I purchase Yes to Baby Carrots for my kids only as a backup when all other "natural" products are unavailable is because this company makes a point to point out how natural they are. They even go so far on the baby products to state they're all natural. They're not. Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel is supposed to be amazing because it has so many natural ingredients. They boast about using dead sea minerals, cucumber extract, etc. and being 99.6% natural. Here are some ingredients I question:
    • Aloe Vera Gel - You may be surprised, but what makes me question this ingredient is the fact they listed aloe vera gel and not whole leaf aloe juice. Aloe juice is the most pure form of aloe, while aloe vera gel has additives to make it have that gel-like consistency. The question is, why not use the most natural form and what ingredients went into the aloe vera gel?
    • Maris Sal (Dead Sea Minerals) - Dead sea minerals or dead sea salt? It sound as though they're only listing the minerals. How were they extracted? The process is important in regards to how natural they are. To me, the less processed/refined the better!
    • Parfum (fragrance) - If you've followed me for a while you've read my rant on the ingredient labeled "parfum" or "fragrance". It is NOT something you want to see in your products! If you know anything about the term "fragrance" on ingredients labels, you know it can literally mean ANYTHING that gives something its scent. While the FDA requires companies to reveal all of their ingredients, there's a loophole when it comes to scents because companies like to keep them secret so that other companies can't steal their scents. The problem is, a number of chemicals could be umbrella'd under the term "fragrance". "Fragrance" in ingredients lists does not have to mean one ingredient only! I'd prefer the product without the smell, especially since you can tell it's synthetic right off the bat.
    • Benzyl Alcohol - This can be either natural or synthetic, most often it's synthetic because it's cheaper. This is used as a preservative. There is also a great deal of strong evidence that it is a neurotoxic to humans. There are also studies that show it's an allergen. Not exactly appealing!
    • Dehydroacetic Acid - This is a synthetic preservative, which has been labeled toxic/harmful by the European Union.
Overall Opinion:
I'm unimpressed to be honest. This company has been under a lot of speculation because of the ingredients they put in seemingly good-for-you, natural products. I didn't feel it worked that well to merit ignoring the questionable ingredients at all. I also didn't like that it burned my eyes and slightly irritated my skin. I sense a little "greenwashing" with this company to. Click here to read my post about "greenwashing".

Price: $14.99 on the manufacturer's site.

Would I recommend it or use it again? 

Have you tried Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel? How did you like it?

I received this item as a gift. All opinions above are my own.

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