Friday, July 29, 2011

Finally Took the Dinair Plunge!

I have wanted an airbrush system to apply my foundation FOREVER! I hate most foundations in general. I find them too thick, too thin, too drying, too ineffective coverage-wise, etc. The list goes on and on. I've always had a very even complexion, but the closer I get to 30, the more I notice my once compliment-worthy complexion is looking a bit ... in need of a little help. I blame hubs and the boys ;) Just kidding, it's mostly work and age in all seriousness. I drink lots of water (it's actually my favorite thing to drink throughout the day), moisturize with fabulous natural products, cleanse my skin with gentle, natural cleansers, etc. It seems as though I've finally got to just accept the fact that on days that I want to look my best, I probably need a little help!

I have been makeup-lusting after a Dinair for so long, but just couldn't justify the expense. Yesterday I finally took the plunge! And believe it or not, hubs actually encouraged it haha. Should I kind of take that as an insult that he thinks I need it? Just kidding, it's not that at all. He knows how much I've wanted one. He's even been so kind as to sit through me showing him one YouTube video after another of real makeup lovers using them. The before and afters always blow me away haha. Even he couldn't pretend it wasn't impressive.

Enter Dinair Personal-Pro! 

Why a Dinair?

Other than the reviews, one of the things I like about Dinair airbrush systems is the fact that they're meant for use with water-based foundations. While they set quickly, you all know how I feel about silicon/silicone!

Will I use it every day?

I very much doubt that. I don't hate my skin at all and I still have clear skin (once a month it might give me a little trouble in a spot or two). I do think that I will use it fairly regularly though, and I intend to experiment with using it others, too!

Will I use it for more than foundation?

Obviously I won't be using it as my personal in-home spray tanner haha (that's not what it's meant for). I'll use it for contouring and blush, but I doubt very much that I will delve much into the world of airbrush eye looks. I could be wrong, but as of right now I really love working with traditional shadows (loose, pressed, baked, etc.).

What's the cost?

The personal-pro kid starts at $199 and includes a lot of different things such as:
  • 4 foundation shades (pick from fair, medium, tan, or dark)
  • 4 bonus shades 
  • Moist and Dewy spray-on moisturizer
  • Airtan facial tanner
  • beauty airbrush
  • airbrush case
  • how-to DVD
  • airbrush cleaner
  • caps and cleaning band
  • 6' hose
  • AC adapter
  • free gift
  • and a few things to help you perfect using the airbrush system!
It comes in your choice of champagne, white pearl, red sparkle or black onyx for the price of $199, but for an additional fee you can choose from a number of other colors.

I am so eager to get this and review it! I think it'll be here within a week or so. Fingers crossed I love it haha.

You can view the kits here and even purchase it directly from Dinair if you just can't help yourself!

If you already have a Dinair, what do you think of it?


  1. I'm very interested to see what you think of this! How exciting! Can you use any kind of foundation or just their own formula? How much do you want to bet their "fair" shade is too dark *sigh*. I've always been intrigued by these systems but the practice of actually using one seems so out there to me. Can't wait to see how your experience goes!

  2. Dying to get this! Supposedly it'll be here within a week. It better be! Jeez, that's so hard. My son and sister are so pale they're see-through haha. I believe her foundation color is called--bleached sheet of copy paper ;) My son is actually a shade lighter than my sister (who has the same issue you do) to the point where he's tested CONSTANTLY for anemia. He's not! I have chronic anemia (thank you Italian mom), but obviously I'm not pale haha. Hmmm maybe if I like it a lot and you find some reviews on the most pale shade you'll be swayed to give it a swing! If not, at least you can see my little adventure into the land of airbrushing my face. Exciting!

  3. really its very attractive makeup accessories and great formulas to makeup oneself it seems beautiful

  4. I definitely agree, I'm excited to try it out!


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