Monday, June 6, 2011

A little peak ;)

After that heavy post on "greenwashing" I thought I'd add a little something lighter and more fun!

I wore Liplure today in Fuschia Love and took a quick pic with my DROID. Thought I'd share ;) I've been sick so I needed some serious color on my face haha! I know it's a bit of a tease since Liplure isn't on the site yet, but the reason I haven't been able to put it up yet is because I may change the final packaging and I'm waiting on my shipment from the new packaging manufacturer. They're taking forever! I think you may prefer the overall appearance and function of this new packaging. Hopefully Liplure will be on the site ASAP!

Liplure in Fuschia Love is a lovely fuschia color with a medium to high sheen. It is meant to be applied with a brush for the best application--for some reason it just applies with more pigmentation this way! This was applied without liner or lip primer on bare lips with a brush (mine!). You can layer Liplure to get a deeper overall effect, but it tends to be very pigmented when applied with a brush anyway. Also, when you apply Liplure to your lip if you allow it a minute it will even itself out to a glass-like finish as the oils, butters, and waxes smooth themselves out! Ironically, I just noticed that the lovely beauty blogger and makeup lover Mandy of Prettymaking blog just posted a review on this same color here! She has some fabulous eye looks so it's definitely worth subscribing to her blog. Love her style!

You can kind of tell the difference in the end result between the two application methods, though she did a lovely job applying it with her finger! I have this really weird thing about applying anything but chapstick in a tube to my lips with a brush. I even apply lipstick from the tube with a brush. The thought of putting it straight on my lips kind of makes me unjustifiably nutty haha. We all have our quirks!

Here it is!

Liplure in Fuschia Love

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