Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Post: Tan Tattoos and Yu-Chiao Wang

This entry is definitely a bit different topic-wise than the ones before it, but since I've been looking into it for the last hour or so I thought I'd blog just for kicks. Besides, it's somewhat beauty related. Maybe you'll find it interesting/entertaining as well!

So if you've ever been into tanning (probably pre-10% tax haha) you've probably seen the little tan tattoo stickers you can buy. They kind of have double purpose: 1. to look cute (which I find kinda of silly personally) 2. to gauge how much of a tan you've accomplished.

You're probably familiar with how you use them. Simply stick them in the same exact spot every time you go tanning outside or in and voila! You've got an odd little shape in pale skin on your tanned behind, hip, etc. I'm not judging those who use them. Back when I tanned I never used these (yes, when I was younger I loved the sun because I tan easily and since I worked a lot I both spray tanned and used the standing booths--never liked laying on the beds). Now I'm insanely UV conscious and want to kick myself, but what can you do? Anyway, I remember seeing some girls use these stickers and it would shift ever so much and pretty soon the playboy bunny would turn into a blob. Not so cute anymore ;)

Back to why I'm even on this topic. A friend of mine is planning her next tattoo and while looking at tattoos she was showing me and doing some searches myself I came across the ultimate tan tattoo! This is one of the bigger pics I could find of it (beware there is minimal bum in this pic).

I tried to dig around and see who created this. I couldn't find a single site claiming ownership, but plenty that pointed to Yu-Chiao Wang as the inspiration or possible creator. The inspiration is said to be Yu-Chiao Wang's Moldy Body Object piece specifically, which you can sort of see/read about HERE. Lots of links tonight, huh?

Anyway, the Moldy Body Object to me is amazing, beautiful, and stunningly creative in concept and execution. My point is, supposedly that piece inspired the tan tattoo above. Whether that's true, who knows. My point in rambling about all of this is that I think the concept is interesting. While I kind of chuckle at the little pale skinned hearts people do, there's something oddly interesting to me about the full-body one above. Would I do it myself? No, because I no longer tan intentionally and I was neurotic about an even tan when I did. Do I think it's interesting? Definitely! It reminds me of a large,  less complicated henna tattoo.

The large tan tattoo above is a few years old, but let's say this became trendy for this summer. Full-body tan tattoos with interesting patterns. Would you do it?

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