Friday, April 22, 2011

Baking Soda in Your Shampoo? Really???

I've recently noticed a lot of people talking about some of the hair (on your head) exfoliating products out there. I know Redken makes one in particular (Nature's Rescue Refining Sea Polish). Around the same time that I noticed these products, I read an interesting article about adding baking soda to some of your skin and hair cleansing products to add a little extra exfoliation. One thing that jumped out at me in particular was the bit about adding baking soda to your shampoo. I thought about this and figured it actually made sense. Baking soda is relatively small particle wise so it's not super super gritty and it would probably partially dissolve anyway.

I became curious. I looked up the ingredients in the Redken product and apparently it uses pumice to exfoliate your hair. I thought this was pretty interesting. I looked up other exfoliating shampoos I had seen in the past and thought it was kind of funny that most of them were marketed towards men and focused on exfoliating the scalp while deep-cleansing hair as well. These products all used ground up walnut shells for the most part (a common exfoliating ingredient). Has anyone used any of these products? Are the walnut shells ground super fine or are they kind of chunky?

Anyway, today when I took a shower I thought I'd give the baking soda a try. Oh the things we do when we're a bit bored ;) Not entirely sure how I'm bored since I have way more to do than there are hours in a day, but for me boredom has always come easily--resulted in lots of innocent trouble when I was younger!

Back to the story: I put about a Tablespoon of baking soda in my shampoo (I have super, super thick, long hair so I use a decent amount of shampoo to cleanse all my hair), mixed it up, then began massaging it into my hair. It's kind of weird because the baking soda give the shampoo a slightly foamy quality even before you put it in your hair. It's also a bit gritty, which is also a little weird. I conditioned after because my hair is just too thick not to. I usually let my hair air dry because after years of blow drying I've decided it's time to give my hair a break. After it dried (hours later haha) I checked the results. It DEFINITELY felt super clean and I would even venture to say it was a bit more shiny. How does this compare to products out there specifically meant to polish your hair when you wash it? I can't say because I haven't used any of them. Maybe I'll pick one up and compare some time soon and report back.

I have to say though, for a simple ingredient you can find in your kitchen on the fly, baking soda isn't exactly a bad choice! I tried to take pictures that showed off the shine (thought I have to admit my hair is naturally a shiny black to start), but they just came out odd trying to get the top of my head haha. Sorry!

Have you ever tried any hair polishing products?

Do you have any slightly unexpected hair treatment secrets?


  1. Baking soda is a great product to use on your hair if you are trying to strip hair color. It really works wonders. Oh, and if you're hair is dry, use some olive oil as a's amazing.

    Great post by the way


  2. Oh my goodness, I have a serious love affair with oils. Olive oil is definitely among my absolute favorites for food and beauty. They're all so amazing and so versatile in their uses!

    Thanks for the added tips ;)


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